Today, we are extremely sad to announce the pending closure of Silk Blooms LTD.  We have ceased trading and will be forced into liquidation.  There are a number of people and organisations that will be affected, including our staff, suppliers, people who have purchased flowers and those who had been looking forward to doing so.

You will all be contacted by an insolvency practitioner as soon as possible regarding the financial and legal aspects of this process.  Sadly, we cannot currently offer any further information on these issues and must adhere to insolvency rules.

Silk Blooms LTD has faced an extraordinary array of problems and unforeseen circumstances.  We have done everything we can to overcome these difficulties and prevent this from happening, but have been unable to find the solutions.

Throughout our ten years in business, our team and our customers have been extraordinary in every way.  As florists, it has been a pleasure to create flowers for you all.  Our products have now been pulled from sale and the production has been closed to avoid further issues.

All we can offer at this stage is our thanks for supporting us over the years; our disappointment that this is how we have met our end; and our sadness that others are impacted by our closure.


Silk Blooms LTD.

Awaiting Appointment of Liquidation Practitioner.

In the meantime, any affected customers should email for help with any questions.