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Customer Gallery - 2011

Shona - June 2011

Here below are Shona and Mick's wedding photos. Her flowers were composed of yellow roses and green bomb thistles.

 Yellow Foam Rose Green Bomb Thistle Bouquet

Congratulations to you both, Shona! Her wedding flowers are now listed as our own Shona Range!

Who doesn't love seeing wedding photos? We are no exception to that rule; we love seeing our brides and grooms on their special day! We endeavour to upload all the photos we are sent of our former brides and grooms to our Customer Gallery. Be one of those people today and email us your photos :)

If you are stuck for inspiration for your wedding flowers, we always suggest having a look at Google Images and Pinterest for some ideas! Send us any ideas or photos you may have and we can discuss your bouquet in more detail!




Kayleigh, December 2011




Hi Mara, 

Once again thank you for all your help. The customer service at Silk Blooms really is second to none and I have recommended you to anyone who has looked at me since the wedding!

Here are some shots of the flowers 



Click here to see Kayleigh's bouquet


Karina + Shaun, 03/12/11





A massive thank you to Mara and her wonderful team for creating such stunning bouquets!


I never thought silk flowers could look so amazing!


My flowers were designed to exactly how I wanted them and the outcome was just stunning.


Thank you ever so much Silk Blooms!



Click here to see Karina's flowers


Claire + Will, 03/12/11




Hello Mara!
How are you?
As promised I've attached some pictures to showcase the gorgeous 'Kiernan' flowers you made for me.. use them wherever you see fit :)
I loved them, lots of people mentioned how lovely and realistic they looked.
My sister is getting married in September and is now thinking Silk Blooms is the way to go for her flowers too... She was very impressed and loves the idea of being able to keep some of them afterwards.
She wants to design them as I did with mine...

I'll send across some photos of inspiration shortly.



Click here to see Claire's flowers


Jia, 10/12/11

Hi Mara,


Thank you very much! We have had a lovely day, everything went just as planned! thank you again for the beautiful bouquet you have made for me. I have attached a couple of photos from the day.


It has been lovely doing business with you, you have been so helpful!


best wishes,


Jia x





Click here to see Jia's flowers

flame rose bouquet
flame rose bouquet


Nikki & Mike, 28/12/11





Hi Mara,

When I got home from work and opened the box with my flowers in - I absolutely loved 'them!! 


My bouquet is brilliant and I love it - a perfect replica of the picture I sent you but nicer!!  It looked so gorgeous next to my champagne coloured dress on our wedding day. 


The flowers arrived in perfect time for my bridesmaids dress fitting, so perfect timing as I took the flowers with us to see how they looked with their moss green dresses - they were fabulous! 

Thanks so much for doing such a great job - I really am thrilled to have them in the house and keep going to look at them!  We had a fabulous day and the flowers looked amazing!!

Nikki x



Click here to see Nikki's flowers


Kristi, 18/12/11





Hi Mara

I just wanted to say thanks ever so much for the hard work you and your team put into my wedding flowers. They are truly beautiful, unique and just what I wanted!


I have attached some photographs of my beautiful flowers in use.

Thank you once again!


Click here to see Kristi's flowers

Lyn, Colin, Mia 31/08/11

Hi, This message is directly for Elaine, I just want to say that whilst placing an order with yourselves within days it was delivered. After talking to Elaine by phone and explaining that our wedding was a hand fasting and that I couldn't find anything suitable, still to my sheer delight Elaine had them made and shipped out.....

The service was totally superb, the flowers and wand that were made were just the finishing touches and may I add as little cost as to what I expected!

Here are a few pics just to let you all see how perfect they were. Silk Blooms can make that day extra special.... Thanks Elaine!!


Click here to see Lyn's flowers


Jane, 20/09/11





Just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for our gorgeous flowers, we were thrilled with them!

I've attached some pics for you to see them used!

Thanks again for the wonderful service, the flowers really brought the wedding together xxx


Click here to see Jane's flowers


Mel + Nigel, 12/11/11




We ordered our wedding flowers from you and got married on the 12th November.


I wanted to send a message saying thank you for doing such a lovely job. We received many compliments and we loved them! My nephew was our page boy, he is only 2 years old, and when we asked him what his favourite part of the day was, he said "the lovely flowers!".


They went down well with everyone!


Thanks again and carry on with the good work.




Click here to see Mel's flowers


Amanda, 10/09/11



Hi Mara,


I just wanted to show you a couple of shots from the day so you could see your lovely flowers in them, hope you like the results.


Kind regards




Click here to see Amanda's flowers


Kirsty, 20/08/11



Thought I would send you some photos from our wedding on the 20th August, we had a brilliant day and everyone commented on how beautiful the flowers were, I have passed your details on to others.

Thank you again for all you help, your service is amazing.

Click here to see Kirsty's flowers

Lisa, 09/10/2011



Hi Mara


Your flowers looked gorgeous, I am so pleased with them....Elaine did a great job.




I tweaked the bridal bouquet by pushing the sprays flat with the flowers, the black crystals poking through looked fantastic!




Here are some pictures of the wedding day to put on the testimonials. I cannot recommend you highly enough.



Thank you to you and your team :-)



Click here to see Lisa's flowers

Elizabeth + John, 01/09/2011

Dear Mara Rose,

Thank you very much for the wonderful flowers, we couldn't wait to have our wedding photos so we can send you and your wonderful team some pictures.

I keep my flowers in a glass display cabinet so we can enjoy it all the time. Every one was amazed how real the flowers looked and it made our wedding even more beautiful. The flowers where delivered as promised well in time for the big day.

Click here to see Elizabeth's flowers (adapted)

Olivia, 28/08/2011

Hi Mara

I just wanted to let you know I've cast my votes and keeping my fingers crossed for the award!

I also thought you might like to see a couple of pics from the wedding - apologies its taken me so long to send them its been madness since we got back from Italy 9 weeks ago!

Honestly, all of my guests couldn't believe our bouquets were not real - they all said they looked beautiful x

Click here to see Olivia's flowers (custom)


Josie + Jamie, 01/08/2011




Mine and the bridesmaids bouquets were so beautiful :D


We had so many comments on how lovely the flowers were.  A huge thank you to the team at Silk Blooms!


Here are some pics of the lovely flowers from Silk Blooms!  The table arrangement was a special request made at extremely short notice, thank you for your excellent customer service we are recommending you to all our friends who are getting married :) x





Click here to see Josie's bouquet



Juley, 03/08/2011


Hi Mara,

My bouquet and the girls wrist corsages were absolutely stunning, so many people commented on them x

The men's button holes x  were lovely x





Click here to see Juley's bouquet


Zoe, 02/09/2011





So sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, thank you so much for the lovely flowers :)

The day was perfect and absolutely stunning. Your work on my flowers was amazing, you made my hubby cry!

Thank you so much (not 4 making him cry!) xxxxxxxxxxxx

Click here to see Zoe's flowers

Gemma, 06/08/2011

I promised you I'd let you know how our day went and send you some pictures from our wedding back in August. The flowers looked absolutely stunning teamed with our posh frocks on the day, I couldn't have asked for better, so glad we chose your company. I can't rate you enough and have recommended you to my best friend who is getting wed next September so I'm sure she will be in touch soon.

We got so many compliments on the flowers, how beautiful they were and people were so shocked when I told them they were artificial. I'm getting a display cabinet for our front room and I'm going to put the flowers in there on display, they're so gorgeous, seems a shame to keep them in a box!

Click here to see Gemma's flowers

Alex + Joe, 08/10/2011

I'm writing to thank you and your staff for the wonderful work you did with my bouquets. The colours looked amazing with the autumnal colours that appeared two weeks early at our location and everyone commented on how lovely the colours were in keeping with the day.

I've kept my bridal bouquet and it now stands pride of place on my cabinet in my lounge next to Joe's buttonhole. Everyone who had buttonholes on the day has kept them too. Its wonderful to have such a personal reminder. Even before the ceremony started all of my bridesmaids were ooing over their individual bouquets and begging if they could keep them as they liked them so much (suffice to say I haven't got even one bridesmaid bouquet as they all took them home with big smiles)!

Hope you are doing well up in Glasgow and hope you and all your team have a fantastic Christmas. Thanks again!

Click here to see Alex's flowers - Holly Based

Claire + Steven, 08/10/2011


We would like to thank you so much for the flowers that you made for our wedding in October. They were just perfect and the top table arrangement that you made as a special request was lovely.

Everyone was amazed when i would say that the flowers weren't real which just goes to show what a great job you are all doing.

Thanks again and we will be recommending you to anyone who asks Claire and Steven

Click here to see Claire's flowers

Ella, 24/09/2011


Dear Mara,

I hope you are well.

I juts wanted to let you know that the flowers look amazing! Thank you so much for your support and most of all for the patience!

The married life is great! I have attached a few images from our wedding in Cyprus. Please feel free to put them up on your website gallery. These are not the professional images, they are just pictures that I got from our guests. If you like I could send you professional images at later date.


Best regards,


Click here to see Ella's flowers (Based on Sophie Range)

Stephanie, 22/10/2011




Thank you so much so much for the beautiful flowers you made. I had lots of compliments on the day as well as the bridesmaids!

My wedding was amazing, everyone really enjoyed themselves and the weather was gorgeous!

Thanks again, I have recommended you to all my friends and actually my best friend Alice used you for her wedding flowers on my recommendation!

Stephanie x

Click here to see Stephanie's flowers

Ruth, 07/10/2011



Hi Mara,


Thank you so much, we had a wonderful day and I was so thrilled with my silk flowers


Click here to see Ruth's flowers

Sian + Rhys, 10/09/2011

Just thought I would email you all to say a huge THANK YOU!

I've included a few photo's of our special day which show how well the bouquets and buttonholes fitted in and lasted. I had thought about selling on the bouquets, but I've given the Bridesmaids theirs as a gift to remember the day and my gorgeous spray is now hanging pride of place in my dressing room!

The service was beyond excellent. I had no idea really what I wanted, and had visited many florists which confused me even more. When I called, I stated the colour scheme; theme; and my favourite flowers. I never knew the creativity behind such a service - all included in the price! Little touches like using the same colour ribbon for the Mother's corsages, wrapping the handles in my chosen fabric and colour - hessian! - and adding strong magnets instead of pins really impressed me. In fact, they impressed everybody.

My photographer is keen to suggest your business to her brides - she was concerned that I hadn't placed the Bridesmaid bouquets in water!

Like I say - thank you very much. I hope your business continues to flourish and gain the many awards you deserve!

Sian's flowers were a cross between these:

Alison and Sophie

The Result was this one

Esther + Richard, 05/08/2011


Hiya Mara,

How are you? I hope everything is going well your end.

I'm slowly getting back into 'normal' life after the wedding and realized that i hadn't sent you any photos so I've attached a couple for you to look at.

Thank you once again for all your hard work, we had an amazing day and the flowers were the icing on the cake!!

My sister in now engaged and I'm trying to steer her towards artificial flowers!

Kind Regards



Click here to see Esther's flowers (78A, 77A, 75A, 74F, 36C, 36B)

Kitty, 06/08/2011


Hi Mara

We have just got our wedding photos and wanted to send you some shots of your gorgeous flowers. Everyone thought they were real until they touched them.


I can't thank you enough, especially as they were ordered at very short notice. I would recommend you to everyone!


Having artificial flowers allowed me to send a bouquet back to my fathers grave and that just would not have been possible with real flowers.

Thanks again!

Click here to see Kitty's flowers (based upon)

Leanne, 19/08/2011

We had the most perfect day.

Thanks again for the beautiful flowers!

A few pics attached, you're welcome to use them in any way should they be suitable x

Click here to see Leanne's flowers

Hayley + Ryk, 24/09/2011

Thanks so much for your kind wishes on Friday. Saturday was absolutely amazing, the weather was perfect, my nerves held out and we had the most beautiful humanist ceremony with friends doing readings and one singing for everyone. We then had an ice-cream van, highland games, a caricaturist and into the tipi for a buffet and prize giving (for the games) before the most fantastic band arrived. It couldn't have gone better, we're still buzzing!

The flowers were beautiful. Everyone commented on how gorgeous and realistic they were. I'm so happy I chose you guys to make them for us so thank you.

We've didn't have lots of official photos taken as it was very relaxed but here are the ones I've got so far from friends. Hopefully you can use some of them.

Thanks again for everything Mara, you've been brilliant and I'd recommend you to anyone!

Click here to see Hayley's flowers (Based on 20C & 2C)

Tracey + Peter, 22/08/2011


Hi Mara,


We've finally got the official photos and I thought you might like to see a few of them. Thank you so much for the flowers, they were beautiful and everyone was absolutely delighted with them.


Thank you again,


Click here to see Tracey's flowers (Rows 66, 67 and 68)


Megan + Amine, 19/08/2011






Hello Mara Rose,

Thank you so much for your message.

The wedding was awesome and everybody thought the flowers were real! THANKS!!

Kind regards,
Megan & Amine










Click here to see Megan's flowers


Carol + Carl, 09/04/2011

We had a fantastic day. The flowers and bouquets looked fantastic. We even made the front page of the local press!

I have been recommending your service to various friends.

Thank you again for your advise and guidance and for giving us a bespoke service.

Click here to see Carol's flowers (2B)

Michelle + Dave, 25/08/2011

I had the most beautiful wedding day. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Silk Blooms team for all of their hard work on these fabulous bouquets. They were the finishing touch for my lime and pink theme and what's even better is that they make a gorgeous keep sake. Two of them are sitting on my mantelpiece!

Thanks so much!!

Michelle and Dave

Dublin, Ireland

Click here to see Michelle's flowers (matching items are in our coming soon gallery).

Carol, 03/09/2011


Hi, Mara!


Just wanted to say thanks again for my lovely flowers! They were fabulous!


We had a wonderful day!


Nobody could believe that the flowers weren't real!!! And the best thing is we can keep them for ever!!!


Thanks again for everything! :-)








Click here to see Carol's flowers (based on 2C)


Emily, 27/08/2011


Thank you so much!

The day went perfectly and the flowers looked beautiful. Everybody commented on them and couldn't believe they were artificial.

I have attached some pictures so you can see how well everything came together.

When I went for my last dress fitting I met another bride, we got talking about flowers and I told her about you and passed on your information.

Once again thank you so much, I am now proudly displaying my bouquet and will do so for many years to come!


Kind Regards


Click here to see Emily's flowers (row 55)


Jen + Mark, 02/07/2011


Hi Mara

Loved every minute and our flowers were perfect xxx

Thank-you so much xx

Click here to see Jen's flowers


Cath + Dave, 23/07/2011


Hi Mara

I thought I would send you a few pics of our wedding. We had such a magical day - it was so very special.

From the moment I woke up to the end of the day, everything went perfectly and I (and so was Dave) very happy with my bouquet and button holes.

Love Cath xxxxx

Click here to see Cath's flowers

Lisa + Michael, 12/07/2011



A huge thank you to Mara and the team and for your good luck message before the big day.



All the flowers were so beautiful and delivered early. I loved the David Austin roses you used to modify the original design!



Outstanding quality and customer care; I don't know of many companies who would source a glam walking stick and custom design flowers to use as a walking stick garland...



We had such a fantastic day, made all the more special by family and friends including those who travelled to Scotland for the wedding, and the fabulous vendors like Silk Blooms, thanks all xx



- Professional photos are by the brilliant photographer Colin Wyper.

- Delicious 'Romantic roses' cake handmade by Julia Bann at Cake Corner Glossop











Click here to see Lisa's flowers




Maxine, 27/08/2011


Hi Mara,

Here are my photos to show on your website. When I get the originals I will email you a couple.

A lot of memories to treasure! They all loved the flowers. Everyone thought they were real!

Thank you!

Click here to see Maxine's flowers

Steph, 06/08/2011


Thank you.

I have sent a few images of my flowers and the buttons holes. They are fabulous and every one commented how amazing they are.

Thank you very much






Click here to see Steph's flowers


Katie + Matt, 09/07/2011


Hi Mara,

I really I love all my flowers like crazy!

Click here to see Katie's flowers


Gail + Barry, 30/07/2011

Hi Mara,

Our day was fantastic thanks! We had a beautiful wedding and I couldn't have asked for more.

The flowers were beautiful, I got lots of compliments and I've attached some pictures for your gallery.

The flowers are so pretty and really complimented our chosen colour scheme. The service from Silk Blooms was faultless from start to finish and I will be recommending you to my family and friends. Thanks again!

Click here to see Gail's flowers


Fabi + Mark, 07/05/2011


Firstly, apologies that it's taken me so long to drop you a line ... went off on honeymoon 2 days after the wedding (Singapore, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur).

Anyway, I wanted to write to say a great big THANK YOU for the part that you played in making our wedding celebrations such a success. Everyone commented on, and loved, the Celtic/Newcastle theme.

The bouquets were commented on many times and although still waiting to see the official photos I have to say how much they sparkle and glitter in the photos that have been sent to us. I definitely didn't throw my bouquet though! I'm keeping it for posterity reasons ... and to show anyone who wants to see your work ... I know a couple of girlies that ar
e tying the knot in the next year or two ... watch this space!

I'll definitely spread the word. You came up super-trumps for me, the bridesmaids and the guys much preferred the silk to real flowers - and they've also passed them on to other family members to keep as a memento.

Promise I'll get back to you once we've seen our official photos.

I hope - in a nice way - that you're being kept busy, that business is booming, but that you get at least a wee bit of time to chill ... and shop!!!

Cheerie and THANKS again!



Click here to see Fabi's flowers

Wendy + Ian, 31/07/2011

My husband, Ian and I (that still feels a bit weird to say husband) would just like to say thank you for the beautiful flowers and button holes for our wedding. We had so many compliments about them throughout the day and we are going to get them framed so that we can keep them forever.

I will definitely recommend Silk Blooms to everyone who needs flowers in the future, I also work in an hotel that holds weddings so will put in a good word for you if people ask :-)

Many thanks again. The flowers are gorgeous and the service was brilliant.

Wendy and Ian Rollitt x

Click here to see Wendy's flowers

Jacqueline + Fraser, 26/06/2011


Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!

We had the most amazing day of our lives and would do it all again tomorrow if we could!! It was magical, everything we had hoped for and we even had sunshine. Our honeymoon was equally wonderful.

We had many comments about the bouquet; the main one was were we going to get someone to 'dry' out the flowers so we could keep them!!! So to say that I was chuffed to bits would be an understatement!! They all now have pride of place in vases in our bedrooms.

Thank you so much, they were stunning and received lots of comments. We would recommend you in a heart beat. Your patience with my many changes and finally getting what I wanted was incredible and I can't thank you enough for that.

I have enclosed a picture of us. Hope you like it.

Very kind regards

Jacqueline and Fraser


Click here to see Jacqueline's flowers (5D)

This was based on our Erin Range.

Tanya + Slawek, 04/06/2011

I had an idea for the bouquet that I wanted and just could not find anywhere that could help me. When I spoke with Mara at Silk Blooms I was just four weeks from my wedding day.

Mara listened and helped me create my own design. Mara sent me a photo of the flowers Silk Blooms had created so I could check the bouquet was exactly how I imagined.

The flowers were perfect and shipped to me within a couple of days. The flowers were created from scratch and with me in two weeks!

An amazing customer service experience.

Thank you Mara & Silk Blooms.


Click here to see Tanya's flowers (41E and 41F)


Jane + Paul, 25/06/2011

We would just like to say a huge thank you to all at Silk Blooms. My flowers were just perfect!

The attention to detail from the button holes to the table decorations was amazing. The best thing is, I get to keep them forever.

The whole process from ordering to receiving my flowers was great. Your customer service at silk blooms was second to none.

Once again many thanks from Jane & Paul


Click here to see Jane's flowers


Jessica + Adam, 06/06/2011

In short notice Silk Blooms were able to help us get the flowers we wanted. They were very helpful and produced us the bouquets and buttonholes that looked just perfect on our wedding day.

Beautiful flowers made by a company who offer excellent customer service and brilliant communication throughout.

Thank you!


Click here to see Jessica's flowers (25A, 56E and 56F)


Millie + Stevie, 05/06/2011

Hi Mara

Your flowers are amazing and the pictures really don't do them justice.

As you know they brought me to tears a few times and I recommend you to anyone. You're worth your weight in gold!!!!

Loves ya..... Oh and one day we will win ;-) xxx

Click here to see Millie's flowers (rows 19F, 20F, 9F, 15B)

Jayne + Pete, 15/06/2011

Just wanted to say a big thank you for my beautiful flowers. Being such a small wedding (just the two of us and our mums) I wasn't going to bother with flowers, I thought it was a lot of expense for something that was going to die and be thrown away at the end of the day, then a friend suggested artificial flowers and the search began. I found you through an internet search and I was sold straightaway, the prices were really reasonable, so much so that I ended up buying three buttonholes as well as a bouquet!

Although the colours weren't right first time, Silk Blooms were great in offering to change them to make sure I was happy and still got them to me in time for the big day.

Lots of people have commented on how lovely they are and have been surprised that they were artificial. I still have them to show off at my party in a few weeks time and they will sit proudly in my living room for a long time to come, always reminding me of our happy day.

Thank you again, I will be recommending you to anyone who needs flowers!!

Click here to see Jayne's flowers (Row 44-C)

Maria + Tom, 27/06/2011

Hello Mara!

Thank you so much for the bouquet, it matched perfect to the dress! Many thank you for you fine work!

Best regards

Maria and Thomas


Click here to see Maria's flowers (Row 71)

Ada + Johan, 14/06/2011

Hello Mara!

Thank you for your message!

We had a lovely day and we really enjoyed the flowers, they were a big success!

Kindest regards

Ada & Johan


Click here to see Ada's flowers


Becky + Jason, 15/04/2011

Hi Mara

Hope you are

Here are some pictures to show the flowers. I want to say thank you for all your help in arranging my flowers I really think they are amazing!

Kind regards


Click here to see Becky's flowers (rows 9C, 9E, 9F, 15B)

Karen 21/05/2011

Hi Mara,

I just wanted to show you how fantastic your flowers looked on the big day.

Thank you so much, you have a very special talent indeed.

Kindest regards.

Click here to see Karen's flowers (teardrop version created by request)

Hayley + Joe, 14/05/2011

Dear Mara & all the staff at Silk Blooms,

We would just like to send the biggest thank you to everybody at Silk Blooms for the amazing work you did in preparing our wedding flowers. I discovered the Silk Blooms website just by chance in my search for orchids as wedding flowers. After emailing Mara over the following weeks I was more than convinced that silk flowers were definitely the way to go. She was so amazingly helpful in ensuring that we got the colour and designs of the flowers that we wanted and both Mara and her team went out of their way to complete our order, including sending us photos as each item was completed.

Even when we messed up on some of our choices & realised we needed to make some changes she did not hesitate in reassuring us that all could be sorted & ready in time and sure enough everything turned out great.

On our wedding day-14th May 2011 our flowers could not have looked more beautiful. Everybody commented on just how amazing they were and just could not believe that they were actually silk!

They even felt real to touch especially the Vanda orchids. I have enclosed some pictures to show how truly impressive they really are but to see them in real-life is even better to do them true justice! I have kept my bouquet as I just could not part with it.

We had the most amazing wedding day and still trying to bring ourselves back to reality now. Everything just went so well and everyone loved it. My flowers were a real talking point-everyone thought they were beautiful and I loved them. I cannot thank you enough.

I have posted a testimonial & some photos on your site. Our large table arrangement is not really done justice in the photo but I'm hoping we'll get a better one soon to send you. It looked amazing with all the other decorations. I just loved the colours together so much and I'm so glad we changed it. The flowers really added a lot to our day to make it truly beautiful.

Thank you once again and the warmest wishes to Mara and the Silk Bloom team for all of your wonderful work. We have certainly recommended you to just about anyone who will listen!!

I hope you like the small sample of photos we've added.

Thank you a million times,

Warmest wishes,



Click to see Hayley's flowers, a cross between these two styles : Hayley + Tamar with some new designs too.


Rebeka + Luke, 01/06/2011

Hi Mara Rose

Thank you so much for your e-mail and most importantly the beautiful flowers which looked stunning!

I have attached some photos of the wedding so that you can see for yourself how lovely the flowers were.

I will definitely be recommending your company to other brides.

Thanks again!
Rebeka and Luke Casey


Click here to see Rebeka's flowers

Maggie, 16/03/2011

I haven't been in touch since I got married, but here's a picture of my grand daughter wearing the head dress you made.

We managed to bribe her with a necklace and some lip gloss (to wear it, for the photo's at least). We all thought it was a beautiful head dress and she looked lovely.

I have sent the pictures in case you wanted to use the head dress in your advertising. I will save the head dress for when my daughter gets married, she caught my bouquet, so I feel there may be another wedding in the wind.

I'm now going to look at your household flower arrangements. Thank you again.

Click here to see Maggie's Flowers

Ingrid + Deryk, 26/02/2011

Thank you so much, we had an amazing day, despite the weather not being too great. Everyone loved the flowers, the girls never let them out of there sight!!!

I have attached a wee picture of me and the bridesmaids with our flowers for you.

Thank you once again the flowers are amazing!!

Click here to see Ingrid's Flowers

Vivian + Allan, 11/03/2011

Just want to give a massive thank you for doing our stunning flowers for our wedding. Everyone was so impressed about how lovely they are and the quality is amazing. I couldn't have picked a better florist or type of flower for the wedding.

Once again thank you for the fantastic service and quality flowers. All the best in your future business! I will highly recommend you to my friends and family.

Click here to see Vivian's flowers

Jaymie + Daniel, 23/04/2011

Thanks so much for the lovely email the day before the wedding and a massive huge thank you for the beautiful flowers, I love them so so much, they were absolutely perfect and there wasn't a thing I would have changed.

Your customer service was impeccable, I really couldn't have done any better, Thank you so very much.

Click here to see Jaymie's flowers

Hannah + Alex, 01/05/2011

Dear Silk Blooms,

Our wedding day was so magical and I wanted to thank you for such beautiful flowers. Everyone commented on how stunning they were! You were so accommodating to my wishes and last minute changes and for this I can't thank you enough. Our flowers made our special day and we will forever keep this memory, thanks to you. Best wishes, the happy couple.

Click here to see Hannah's flowers

Michelle + Phillip, 12/05/2011

As requested, please find attached pictures of the flowers on our wedding day. The flowers really did make the wedding attire pop!! I absolutely loved them and everyone commented on how beautiful the flowers were. Thanks you so much for your professional service and your creativity in making my custom made order!

Click here to see Michelle's flowers (Grid 2-C)


Melanie + James, 19/03/2011

Dear Silk Blooms,

I want to thank you for the beautiful flowers we had at our wedding. The bouquets were simply stunning and the custom made table display was perfect. Everyone commented on how beautiful the roses were. Thank you so much for your amazing customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any future brides. With very best wishes and thanks, Melanie and Bruce....

Click here to see Melanie's flowers


Diana + Darren, 06/01/2011

Hi Mara

Thank you so much!! We were so pleased with the flowers for our wedding and had an amazing day.

It would be a pleasure to feature in your customer gallery, here is a link to some more of our wedding photos:

All our photographers ask is that they are credited for the images. (Link Above)



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Sarah + Stuart, 08/01/2011

Our flowers were amazing! Our guests were impressed with them too. Perfect for our winter theme. Everyone commented on how they were better than fresh flowers. I have my bouquet displayed in my lounge for all to see, I couldn't part with it, so threw a small posy for my guests to catch. The flowers are just beautiful and will last forever. Thank you! You made ordering our flowers stress free and you were always at the end of an email if I needed any advice. I have recommended you to everyone I speak to about flowers!

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Gemma + Ben, 14/02/2011

Thanks for all your help with everything and for helping make our day so special.

We'll be in touch again soon.


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Victoria + Dominic, 22/01/2011

Dear Silk Blooms,

I am so delighted to have chosen your company for my flowers. I have never experienced such a thoughtful and delightful company. I thank you for the well wishes that you sent to me, the day before my wedding! No other company has ever been so caring and it means a lot to me and my husband.

So, thank you so much for your well wishes. My flowers were perfect and when ever asked I shall recommend your company. There where so many comments on how unusual and beautiful the flowers were. They helped to make our day perfect!

From my new husband and myself, thank you!
I wish you good business for many, many years!

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Zinnia + Kwabena, 08/01/2011

Thanks so much for the beautiful corsages and the effort in ensuring they were well coordinated with our wedding colours. You were extremely understanding and paid attention to our every need. Items were delivered in sufficient time before our wedding day and you even took December's bad weather conditions into account. I am very impressed with you and will be recommending you to everyone!

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