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Artificial or Real Wedding Flowers?

Why are so Many Brides Choosing Silk Flowers?

The Advantages of Artificial Wedding Flowers Explained

How do Artificial Wedding Flowers Compare to Real Wedding Flowers? The Pros and Cons

Traditionally, brides have tended towards real flowers as their first choice. Real flowers have a natural scent and a true beauty that no one can deny. For people who love flowers, it is sometimes hard to consider artificial flowers. However, today's artificial flowers have come a long way and real flowers have some serious limitations that you need to consider. There are just so many things to take into account when planning a wedding. Choosing the right flowers is just one decision, but it's a very important decision that could make or break your entire wedding theme. Below we look at each consideration by comparing and contrasting the choice of real or artificial wedding flowers. This article will go some way in helping you make the right choices for your wedding flowers. Whether to have real or artificial wedding flowers is a decision that's best made informed. So, let's look at some of the obvious advantages and disadvantages to help you decide.

Timing the Delivery of Real Wedding Flowers

One main disadvantage with real flowers is the fact that they can wilt in hot weather, or worse still, they can die in transit if they've not been stored or shipped under the right conditions. To minimise the risk of your wedding flowers wilting or dying on your big day, timing becomes absolutely essential. You need to put a lot of trust in your wedding florist to deliver on time and to take great care that your bridal bouquets and floral arrangements are cared for and treated properly. If you choose real flowers, then they must be prepared a day or two before the wedding itself, kept in perfect conditions and delivered with impeccable timing. A lot of people would consider wilted or dying flowers as a sign of bad luck, but but worse still, we've heard some real horror stories with real flowers not arriving on time for the wedding at all! Can you imagine, no wedding flowers? [read more about the timing and delivery of your wedding flowers]...

Allergies, Wasps and Hay Fever, Should you Use Real Wedding Flowers?

Not everyone suffers from hay fever or flower allergies, but with real flowers it can really ruin your day. Especially with the more pollen rich species like lilies, anthurium's, roses and anemone's. Artificial flowers are definitely the best choice if you don't want a red nose and watering eyes in your wedding photos or wasp stings and pesky insects chasing you for your flowers. [read more about allergies and hay fever and the use of fresh flowers for weddings]...

Are Artificial Wedding Flowers Cheaper?

Price is just one small advantage of artificial versus real. The cost of artificial flowers is generally a little less than fresh flowers, but beware of florists who are still using older silk fabric flowers of inferior quality. The newest ranges of artificial flowers use cutting edge foam and fresh touch polymers. They are almost impossible to tell apart from real flowers. As a result, the price of artificial wedding bouquets are rising. Still marginally cheaper, but often comparable to fresh flowers. [read more about price comparisons between real and artificial flowers]...

Realism, How Realistic Artificial Wedding Flowers?

If you opt for a quality florist, like Silk Blooms, then you are guaranteed your florist will take pride in her work and aim to maximise the realism of your wedding flowers. There are so many different grades of flower on the market ranging from low quality to premium quality flowers. We never use low grade flowers. [read more about the realism of artificial flowers]...

Artistic Detailing and Creativity with Wedding Flowers

Real flowers are very sensitive and really, really delicate. Some can be so fragile that they're near impossible to work into bouquets. Real flowers by their very nature are brittle and prone to collapse. It is difficult therefore, to be creative with real flowers and add embellishments and crystals without bruising, damaging and de-heading them. Artificial flowers lend themselves much more readily to artistic creation. [read more about being creative with artificial flowers]...

Imperfections in Fresh Flowers

Like anything in nature, there can be imperfections. Real flowers vary in shade from season to season and from stem to stem. Your florist cannot guarantee real flowers will arrive the colour you anticipated and quite often they do not. Moreover, real flowers can be mis-shaped and flawed. They can even be distorted and full of veins and splits. You don't get this with man made flowers as they're free of mother nature's accidental flaws. [read more about imperfections in fresh flowers]...

Lifespan, Durability and Preservation of your Wedding Flowers

Something else to consider with artificial wedding flowers is their lifespan and durability. As previously mentioned, artificial flowers last forever. They won’t wilt and they wont die. You can take delivery well in advance of your wedding and you can keep them forever after as a keepsake. If stored properly, they can be kept indefinitely. This is a clear advantage for the sentimental bride who wishes to forever preserve her bridal bouquets. [read more about the lifespan of your wedding flowers]...

Seasonal Advantages of Artificial Wedding Flowers

Artificial flowers aren’t seasonal, you can have your favourite flowers all year round. Available in a vast array of colours and always in season you can have virtually any flower in any colour at anytime of year. Unlike fresh flowers, they are always in season. Out-of-season flowers are no longer an issue, you can be guaranteed your favourite flowers and a perfect match to your colour scheme, from January to December. [read more about the seasonal advantages of artificial wedding flowers]...

Lightweight Artificial Flowers for Weddings Abroad

Artificial flowers are really, really light so carrying them is completely effortless. You won't feel burdened by them on your wedding day! Unlike fresh flowers, with a heavy water content, artificial flowers weight practically nothing. [read more about silk wedding flowers for weddings abroad]...


It seems when you weight up the pros and cons of real flowers versus artificial flowers, you may wonder why you even considered real flowers in the first place. Add into the equation the advancements in today's material and manufacturing technology and the realism of artificial wedding flowers will astonish you. Gone are the days of cheap silk fabric flowers that fray and shrivel. Today, foam fabrics and superior manufacturing makes artificial wedding flowers the choice of the discerning, modern bride. Artificial wedding flowers are becoming more and more popular for weddings and this huge increase in the popularity is testimony to the realism of today's fake flowers. It really is hard to tell the difference.

As a designer of artificial wedding flowers, I can see why they are taking centre stage, especially over the winter months when some popular fresh flowers are not widely available. Although they do not have the same scents and delicateness of real flowers, artificial flowers last forever, so the bride can have a lasting momentum of her day.

We hope we have helped in your decision between fresh or artificial flowers. If you require any help in choosing please contact us for advice.


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