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How to Choose your Wedding Flowers

Making the Right Decisions for your Flowers

Some Basic Considerations

Your wedding flowers are one of the most important decisions you'll make for your wedding. They are one of the main focal points in your wedding photos and if you get them right then they'll serve to tie your whole theme together, beautifully. Your wedding dress is the main centrepiece of course, but your flowers are the second main attraction. Your bridal bouquet, bridesmaids posies, buttonholes and corsages should all help coordinate your colour scheme and the fine details should be carefully considered. Your wedding bouquet will enhance your dress but will also reflect your own personal style and ultimately portray a statement about you. Flowers say a lot about a person and their personality can often portrayed by their choices. Your flowers will provide the finishing touches to everything and it's important to get them just right!

So, where do you start when choosing the right flowers for your big day? The style of bouquet? The colours? The type or species of flowers? The costs? Well, when you're choosing your wedding flowers it should be a personal choice that means something to you. Your favourite flowers, your mum's favourite, your nan's perhaps? Your flowers should mean something and that's why at Silk Blooms we try to name our products after the brides that have requested them.

If you're not really a flower person then we'll be able to help you coordinate everything. If you have a basic idea of what you'd like then we'll be able to help you develop your theme within budget in the colours and flowers that work well together. Ask us! We're here to help and if you give us as much information as possible about your wedding theme and your colours and choices then we'll be only too pleased to assist with the design. Here are some basic considerations to start you off though:

  • Remember that your wedding flowers are the splash of colour, the adornment for the other beautiful parts of your wedding. Don't over-do them as they're meant to complement your gowns and dresses, not the other way round.

  • The best way forward on any new project is to work on the design of the bridal bouquet initially. When you've finished and settled on a design that you really love then you can get to work on the rest of the arrangements. The bridal bouquet should be the centre piece of the whole theme you see, everything else should be designed around that. So, once it’s decided upon, the rest of the theme just naturally falls into place around it.

  • Your florist must share your vision. If they don't then it's time to go elsewhere.

  • Timing! Make sure your florist knows your wedding date and that they're ale to plan your order into their schedule. Most good florists will be booked out well in advance and it's best to book early to avoid disappointment nearer the time.

  • Should you have real flowers or artificial flowers? Well, if you read our guide on this subject then you'll be able to make up your mind. There are so many advantages to choosing artificial wedding flowers over real flowers. Especially where weddings are concerned.

Some Starting Points

What you should do is go onto our website and browse through the bouquets there by style. Forget about the colours just now as we can change the colours of all our artificial wedding flowers to suit your theme. This is a common request and we’re happy to change anything on our website. So, please browse by style and don’t forget to look in our coming soon gallery

We are also happy to work from pictures off Google Images, or magazines. If you see something you like somewhere else then we’ll be able to recreate that for you, or even adapt it and modify it to suit your theme.

We’d even be able to create something unique for you and perhaps name it after you. If you were able to tell us roughly what you’re looking for, for example what your favourite flowers are and what shape of bouquet you’d like then we’d put our most creative florists on it to design something unique to you, something special. If you send us swatches (either on-screen or by post) then we’d be able to match your colours perfectly. We can even colour match your wedding flowers and ribbons from the Dulux colour chart codes, available at all B&Q's, or from the Pantone colour codes.

It's not always a good idea to match the colour of your flowers to your bridal party dresses. Often, matching the colours too precisely makes the flowers blend into the background and they can seem lost in the wedding photos. It's often best to choose colours for your flowers which complement your wedding party, rather that matching them identically.

If you don't already know the types of flowers you'd like then simply looking at well photographed flowers can be a relaxing way to inspire you with ideas.

  • Learn the different meanings of the flowers as this often an influential factor. Our other blog, "The Language of Flowers" is an interesting read. Learn to express yourself using the secret language of flowers and find out which species relate to you.

  • There are certain wedding flowers that you just can't go wrong with. Roses, calla lilies, peonies, orchids, hydrangea and gerberas are the more commonly used flowers. You don't need to have these flowers though. There are many, many other options but if you're finding it hard to decide then these ones are the classic choices.

Teardrop cascading bouquet with red and ivory roses and some beautiful galaxy blue orchids

grooms ivory rose buttonole or mums corsage with silver trims

white stargazer lilies and galaxy blue orchids bouquet with light pink oriental liles

red grand prix rose rockabilly bouquet with polka dot ribbons and 50s charm

vintage ivory rose bouquet with orstich feathers and intricate detailing

Ivory silk roses with flame roses and gypsophilia

Flower Budget Considerations

As with anything in life, there will be certain flower designs that you just can't afford. It's important to budget for everything that's related to your wedding as you really need to know how much you can spend on your wedding flowers. When you send us your enquiries, you should try to indicate your budget so we know what we have to work with, especially if you're looking for custom designed wedding flowers.

Your bridal bouquet should be the most elaborate as it's the centre piece that will complement you in your dress. It's best not to budget too tightly with your own wedding bouquet. If needs be you can sacrifice some of the finer details in the other designs if it means you can have your dream bouquet.

When you're budgeting, it's a good idea to have two lists. One list for all the 'necessary flowers' like your own wedding bouquet, your bridesmaids bouquets, your buttonholes, corsages and flower girls wands. Another list can detail all of the flowers that you'd 'love to have' but need to see how your money goes nearer the time. Alter displays and church arrangements, pew ends and chair decorations, garlands; these are usually first to go when budgets are tight. There are a couple of items that cross over between the two lists as they're necessities which can be 'trimmed down' and cut back if cash flow is tight. Your really elaborate top table display and your guests table displays might need to become more modest but you do generally need table centrepieces.

Some key points to remember when considering your budget:

  • Let us know your maximum spend so we can consider the constraints of cost when we're helping develop your ideas. We are considered a very reasonably priced company but if you can't afford a lot for your flowers then just let us know. We're here to help and if you need cheaper arrangements then there are usually a few design tweaks that could get the costs down.

  • Certain flowers are more expensive than others. Premium quality, real touch flowers like David Austin roses and Floramatique orchids can really add to the costs. Use these expensive flowers for the bridal bouquet only and use less costly flowers in the other arrangements but choose flowers that complement your bouquet.

  • Consider wrist corsages for your bridesmaids instead of bouquets and wands for your flower girls instead of mini posies. These can be every bit as nice as bouquets and they are a bit cheaper.

  • Airbrushing will add to the costs of your flowers. If you can live with off-the-shelf colours then you can avoid the costs associated with colour matching flowers to dress colours. Besides, a little contrast can be a good thing!

  • Intricate detailing with wired structures, Swarovski crystals or exotic embellishments will add to the costs.

  • Table centres and church displays are often expensive pieces and they can really add to the costs. Consider smaller centrepieces to reduce the costs.

  • Consider our Interest free payment plan to help spread the costs. We're happy to book you into our calendar with a 20% deposit and you can just pay for the rest of your flowers when you can. We don't tie you into formal contracts or rigid set payments. We're totally flexible and really relaxed. Just so long as you're all paid off by the time we aim to ship.

  • Sharing the cost of the venue flowers or the church flowers if there is to be another wedding the same day.

  • Repositioning the ceremony flowers and using them at the reception will will save you money!

  • You could use your bridal bouquet as the focal point on the ceremony table. Take a look through our customer gallery and you'll see some examples where our other customers have done this. It can be quite effective.

On the other end of the scale, you might not be budgeting too tightly and you may be able to splash out on some really striking flowers. If this is the case then you can use flowers to really showcase your day. If you have a nice budget to spend on your wedding flowers then let us know your maximum spend on each piece and we'll design something that's truly spectacular. Some really tall guest table flowers with large, opulent floral displays can give a room a real air of grace and large church pedestal display and alter flowers give a really rich look and feel to the ceremony.

If you have even just a little extra to spend on your flowers then upgrade from standard, CZ pins to the more high quality Swarovski pins which really sparkle in the sun. Blinding bling makes a big difference from CZ as it's smaller and more subtle but it is much brighter when the sun catches the crystals and it can make your wedding bouquets look fantastic!

The Colour of your Flowers

One of the most important considerations when it comes to your wedding flowers. It's like a fine art when it comes to choosing the right combination of colours to complement the wedding dress, the gowns and suits of the whole bridal party at once. Your flowers will help bring it all together and the colours you choose can be a real make or break decision.

With artificial wedding flowers the seasonal availability does not play such a massive part in this decision. We can give you any flower, any colour, any season which allows you far greater choice than fresh flowers. Moreover, we can colour match your flowers to absolutely any given shade.

When you're thinking about your colours, you need to consider what the flowers have to compete with in the room where they're located. Choose colours that stand out but complement the scene at the same time. We'll be able to help you with some good free advice. If you're local to Glasgow, come in and see us. We don't charge for consultations.

Some colours work well together like traditional shades of ivory and burgundy or red and white. More modern combinations like purple and white or sage green and aubergine. With our ability to airbrush to any colour you can really use your creative side to have new and wonderful colour combinations like grey and ivory flowers or a bonanza of blue and jade green orchids and trumpet lilies. Your imagination is your only bounds!

The season of the year may influence your choice, just so your flowers are in harmony with the time of the year. Autumn colours for the fall, bright summer colours for the height of the season or crystal white flowers with ice blue trims if you're having a Christmas or winter wedding theme.

One mistake that brides often make with the colour of their flowers is over matching the colours. You should be aiming for colours that complement your bridal attire and avoiding colours which match them identically. Contrast is much nicer if you can find the right balance and we can certainly help. Silk Blooms have some of the best floral designers in the country and colour co-ordinating goes hand-in-hand. It's better to have contrast in your wedding photos, rather than flowers which are lost in the background of the dresses. Think contrast but complementary shades and tones!

Grey anemone and ivory rose bouquet with grey freesia and crystals

Jade green stargazers and trumpet lily cascading teardrop bouquet with jade orchids and peacock feathers

yellow sunflower bouquet with royal blue cornflowers and blue satin trim

Ivory winter bouquet with snow tipped roses and ivory mimosa berries

More on Seasonal Flower Choices

Again, with artificial wedding flowers it's not such an important issue as we can supply any flower, in any colour and any season. However, you should give some consideration to the season if you're aiming for complete realism. Do you really want daffodils in the winter or poinsettia in the summer? These might look a little out of place.

With real flowers the season 'determines' the flowers that you can have as non-seasonal flowers must be imported. Artificial flowers don't cause such problems but it's not usually appropriate to have summer flowers in the winter or vice versa.

Some people are more 'zenned' to a particular season. For example some brides are drawn to the bright, exotic summer colours or the fresh white and yellows of spring. Others are more winter minded with a taste for reds with burnt autumn orange and berries. Often the style of flower that you're drawn to is a seasonal thing. Here are some of the more popular flowers listed by their seasons:

Spring Flowers: Allium, lilies, amaryllis, hyacinth, anemones, poppies, cherry blossom, daffodils, cornflowers, gerberas, lily-of-the-valley, cosmos, orchids, pansies, gardenia, jasmine, lisianthus, crocus, camellias, ranunculi, dahlia, tulips, freesia and sweet pea.

Summer Flowers: Anthurium, carnation, chrysanthemum, lavender, stargazers, gypsophila (baby's breath), daisies, delphinium, lily, gladiolus, heather, hydrangea, magnolia, peony, roses and sunflowers.

Autumn Flowers: Carnations, gerberas, protea, poppies, roses, tuberose, junipers, aster, daisy, hydrangea, passion flowers and marigolds.

Winter Flowers: Alstromeria, camellia, gerberas, roses, orchids, iris, narcissus, pansies, poinsettias, snowdrops, tulips and lilies.

All year round flowers: calla lilies, carnations, gypsophila, orchids, protea, roses and tulips.

The Role of your Wedding Flowers

Some people will place a greater emphasis on their wedding flowers than others. Some may see elaborate floral displays as a necessity with sensational designs that will absolutely WOW all their guests. Others may see them as an elaborate expense that's best minimised to make way for other more important things. A lot of the time it will depend on the style of wedding that's planned. Whichever category you fall under, your wedding flowers should have an individual look, specially created for you.

As stated in the introduction, your flower choices will portray a little about your personality and whether you go for elaborate displays or modest ones will shed a little insight on you. Don't be afraid to express yourself with your flowers and the use of colours. Consider whether you'd like to make a statement or keep it modest.

Areas to consider for your wedding flowers are your bridal bouquet and the bouquets and posies for the rest of your wedding party. Flowers for the church can be placed at the pew ends, on the altar or on the steps at the alter, window sills around the inside of the church or around candelabras and columns. Even the wedding car could be adorned with beautiful flowers.

Churches displays should be large to be effective or the open space of most churches will just dwarf your displays and make them look small. Budget will play a large part in most cases but if you're going all out with your flowers then you might even consider a floral decorated arch or arbor for the end of the aisle or a carpet of rose petals and flowers all around the hall, the dance floor and the reception. If you have a generous budget for your flowers then you can really make a statement!

Consider whether you want a statement bouquet for yourself or a standard, more modest design. The bouquet that you choose for yourself will influence the decisions you'll face when choosing your bridesmaids flowers. If you're having a large, statement bouquet then you wouldn't get away with small, mini-posies for your bridesmaids. You need to choose a size for your bridesmaids that's proportional to yours. A small bridal bouquet means you can opt for smaller bridesmaids bouquets so it has that knock on effect on your overall wedding budget.

pink calla lily designer bouquet with pink and white roses and tuberose garlands

Delicate ivory orchid bouquet with intricate wiring and pearls with beargrass

Blue Vanda orchid and hydrangea cascading bouquet with white babys breath

white rose teardrop bouquet with pink embellishments

Gorgeous pink gerbera and pink orchid posy bouquet with wide satin ribbons

Tropical exotic bouquet with orange and yeloow roses and ranunculus with berries

The Bridal Bouquet

Let's address your bridal bouquet as this is the most personal floral arrangement for your wedding and you really shouldn't hold back on this. Your wedding bouquet should be the centre piece for all of the other flowers and it should be larger than the other bouquets and a lot more special.

There are so many designs to choose from and the bridal bouquet is often the starting point when you're choosing your flowers. Your bridal bouquet should be the most elaborate. It serves as the centrepiece around which your other flowers are designed. It's best not to skimp with your own wedding bouquet as you will want your wedding pictures to look the best they can.

The choice of flowers for the brides bouquet will depend on your own personal tastes, the colours of your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses and the general colour theme. Your height and shape should also be considered as certain shapes of bouquet will compliment certain figures and body shapes and can even help to make you look taller or more slender if you can achieve the correct balance with the design of the dress and flowers combined.

We always recommended that you don't finalise your bridal bouquet until you've chosen your wedding dress as the two must match and usually larger dresses need larger bouquets. Full a-line dresses look better when they're complimented by a long, cascading bouquet. Slender, fitted dresses can look best with a rounded posy. Shy not send us a picture of your dress and we'll be able to tell you what shapes might go best.

There are so many different shapes and sizes when it comes to wedding bouquets. Rounded posies, cascading bouquets, full shower bouquets and irregular shapes, teardrop bouquets, long thin wired bouquets, even pomanders!

Rounded posies are a really popular choice and are the most traditional shape when you look at the history of the wedding bouquet. This shape lends itself to all flower species but it's particularly common to have roses, peonies and gerberas with hints of greenery.

Cascading bouquets or 'trailing bouquets' are another very popular choice and these are well suited to full bodied a-line dresses with a full skirt section. This shape of bouquet will tend to overpower slim, fitted dresses because of the shape. Some class the cascading bouquet as a more formal approach to wedding flowers. However, cascades give us florists a lot of scope to be really creative with lots of really intricate wiring and fine detailing. These bouquets are best when orchids are used in the cascade but just about any flower can be used to create a spectacular cascading bouquet.

Full shower bouquets are generally aimed at those brides who don't like symmetry and prefer irregular but natural shapes. Country garden bouquets and natural designs, just tied off loosely can serve to create a look that's very modern and contemporary but simple as well.

Teardrops are like a cross between a cascade and a posy and take their name from the shape of a teardrop. One of the most popular choices as these go with a wide variety of dresses and they are so easy to adapt using any flower species.

A pomander or 'kissing ball' is more often used for flower girls or bridesmaids but you can have these for your bridal bouquet too. Pomanders are just hung from the arm on a ribbon or crystal chain with a rounded ball of flowers.

Long, thinly wired bouquets look really beautiful when they're made of simple orchid heads, wired together with pearls or bear grass. Lilies look amazing in this style too. This shape of bouquet is particularly suited to slim fitting wedding gowns.

Whether it's a modern or a traditional look that you're after, you can have any shape or colour or species with artificial wedding flowers. Exotic or time-honoured flowers, in any colour or size or shape. The combinations and permutations are endless but all are achievable at Silk Blooms.

Consider the fine details of your bouquet. Are you a big fan of bling and crystals? What about pearls and feathers? Butterflies and ladybugs? You can be really creative with a whole host of different embellishments. Let us know what you like and whether or not to include them in your design. These fine details can often turn a modest bouquet into a real work of art!

So, what about the ribbons? What colours do you choose? What material? How wide? How long? It's common to have a ribbon colour on the bridal bouquet that matches your bridesmaids dresses. Accompany this with some crystal embellishments to help bring out the colours. Add a splash of matching flora and it will really come together. This is what separates a good florist from a master florist. The fine details!

So much to consider! It's best to speak to your florist in more detail. Talk to them about your theme and your ideas and let your florist offer you advice. Come to Silk Blooms where the advise is free and where we give you one on one attention. All of our customers are extremely important to us. It's your wedding day and we want it to be special!

The Bridesmaids Bouquets

The bridesmaids' flowers will be smaller that the bridal bouquet and nine times out ten the bridesmaids have hand tied posies. Generally, the bridesmaids bouquets should match your own in terms of the colours and the flowers that are used. However, it's not uncommon to have inverted colours, so the exact opposite of the bridal bouquet. The logic here is when the bride is wearing white or ivory and picks up on the bridesmaids dress with a splash of colour in her bridal bouquet. The bridesmaids in turn have the opposite colours to compliment the bride. If you do select different colours then try to make sure that the colours blend well with your bouquet and compliment the overall theme. Good coordination is the key!

It's a good idea to give your maid of honour a bouquet that's a bit more special than the other bridesmaids. Just as you do with the grooms buttonhole. This adds a nice touch and shows her that she's just that little bit more appreciated. Just adding some extra flowers or making it a tad larger. Anything that makes her stand out a bit will be welcomed by your maid of honour.

Pomanders and wrist corsages are also very popular choices for a bridesmaids flowers. The wrist corsages are a good way to minimise the spend but they're also very good for complimenting the bridesmaids bouquets. Hair combs or clips can be used to accompany their bouquets as well. You might even decide on matching hair flowers for yourself.

As with your own flowers, you should take a good look through our website and Google Images for inspiration. There's so many inspiring designs out there and you're sure to find the ones that you like. When you do, just email us your pictures and we'll modify or adapt them to suit your theme.

Bridesmaids can be adults all the way down to toddlers so you need to think about your teenage and baby flower girls too. Pomanders work fantastically well with toddlers as we can create really gorgeous designs that attach to ribbons and in turn attach to a Velcro wrist bracelet that straps to their arm. That way, the toddlers can't drop them or throw them. The little pomanders and wands are so cute and all florists just love to create these! They can be ever so girly with butterflies and ribbon frills galore.

Flower girls can have wands or baskets with petals to toss on the aisle as they walk you to the alter. Whichever the designs that you choose, we will be able to coordinate all of your flowers in a complete new theme that's designed specifically to you. We offer a free, bespoke design service so your flowers can be tailor made for you.

Aubergine and pink hand tied posie with green dill, finished with a cameo brooch and natural stems

Ivory rose bridesmaids posy with heather and purple allium


Scottish theme wedding pomander for a flower girl with ivory roses, purple thistle and butterflies

Flowergirl wand in Scottish theme with butterflies and purple heather

Flowergirls Flowers

The flowergirls are the cutest part of your wedding party. When they're all done up in their little gowns with their hair all dressed and their little flower arrangements they look just about as cute as a cupcake! You take maximise their cuteness and accessorise them with flowers. Flowergirls look amazing in the wedding photos and the flowers you give them just adds to this.

Put a little floral comb in her hair and the cuteness levels increase. A halo or perhaps just a comb or a clip with a few small rose buds. Give her a tiny little pomander and the cuteness levels just go to the max. Flower girls with pomanders are about as cute as cute can be.

Often you'll want your flowergirl to carry a basket of flowers to match the other bridesmaids bouquets. The basket can be any shade or colour and so can the flowers. It's an option to add loose rose petals to her basket so she can thrown them on the aisle runner.

Wrist corsages are particularly suitable for flowergirls as well. These can be attached to ribbon or even attached to adjustable Velcro wrist slings. Either way, they look really lovely and they can be any size to suit her age and match the rest of her flowers.

Wands are one of the most popular options for flowergirls. Again, they're really cute and they can be dressed off with ribbons and matching frills so they tie in perfectly with your theme.

Your flower girl will be over the moon with any of the flower options from Silk Blooms. All of our staff absolutely love making the flowers for flowergirls and we always add some really nice special touches to grab the girls attention. Everyone loves them!


These are just as important as the other flowers as they'll have to tie in with your theme and they will play a part in your wedding photos. Don't scrimp and scrape on cheap buttonholes as they're a reflection on the overall look of your wedding flowers. It's well worth spending an extra few pennies to get really, really nice buttonholes.

The grooms buttonhole should be designed to tie in with your bouquet. It should match it perfectly in fact. Not only does this symbolise your unity, it will also look fantastic in your photos.

The best man and the fathers should also have buttonholes that are a bit more special than the guests.

The guest and pageboy buttonholes can be more simple, usually just single roses or single lilies with ribbons to bring everything together in the same colour theme.

The more popular flowers for buttonholes are roses, orchids, calla lilies and gerberas. However, practically any flower can be used for the men's buttonholes.

Ivory rose double buttonhole for the groom with purple heather and purple ribbons

Red anemone wrist corsage with luscious red satin ribbon to tie to the wrist


As discussed above, wrist corsages for the bridesmaids and hand corsages or even ring corsages can really help to accessorise your day. However, when we talk about pin on corsages it's usually the ones for the mums. These should be really nice and certainly befitting of your mums with matching flowers, ribbons and trims. The mum's usually have pin on corsages with built in corsage pins but occasionally they might prefer their flowers sitting on a stretchy pearl bracelet with flora and crystals matches your other flowers. We are often asked to add highlight colours to pick up on the mum's outfit colour too. The corsages should complement their outfits but it's important that they also tie in with the overall theme.

Your grandmothers and aunts might want corsages too. It's normal for them to pay for their own but it's important that they go to the same florist and let the florist know that their corsages are to tie in with your other flowers. Usually we can fit them in the same box and ship them all together to save on postage costs.

Since the mum's and nan's and aunts tend to choose their own outfit, it's sometimes safer to go with neutral colours like white or ivory.

Table Displays

This is a completely different thing to the flowers that you'll carry and wear. Table centrepieces are your opportunity to Make the biggest impression. Remember, your guests will be sitting up close to the centrepieces all through the reception and the evening meal.

Make sure not to block the view of the people sitting across the table from one another. If you want really elaborate table displays then look at something that's low and wide so the guests can see over it. Alternatively, consider something that sits tall above them so they can see through or under it.

As with all your wedding flowers, you should choose the species and colours that will tie in with the rest of the theme. Use Google Images for inspiration and remember we are able to replicate, modify and adapt anything that you can find anywhere else on the net. There's just so much to choose from with table displays for weddings and the possibilities are literally endless.

The standard choices for the guest table displays range from vase arrangements, table posies, topiary trees and candelabras through to Martini glasses, cocktail glasses and mirrored cubes. However, don't be afraid to use your creative side as there are just so many options. Birdcages and quirky jugs can add a real flare to your guest table designs.

The top table flowers are traditionally made in a long and low design that's intended to create the perception of grandness and opulence. Large, oval shaped arrangements to sit in front of bride and groom, with smaller posies for each end of the table. Garlands to swag the front of your top table are also quite commonplace. Most brides like to really splash out on the their top table arrangements and they really set the mood and they are a real statement in themselves. Long and low top table displays can vary in length from as little as twenty inches to as long as six foot or more. Your budget will usually determine the length of your top table display.

Ivory roses in red mirrored cubes with mathching red orchi garlands

Tiny glass cubes on a mirrored plate with crystal diamonds and red orchids








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