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Flowers by Silk Blooms

SECC Wedding Show & Catwalk
Flowers by Silk Blooms

SECC Wedding Show & Catwalk - Flowers by Silk Blooms

We hope that you'll join us at the next wedding show in the SECC Glasgow on Saturday, the 23rd and Sunday the 24th of February, 2013. We're excited to be exhibiting our flowers again and we'll be bringing some really beautiful new designs, not seen before!

We're providing the flowers for the catwalk again, so if you'd like to see our flowers in action then just take a seat in the auditorium and watch the show! See below for a video of the last catwalk we did in September, 2012.

SECC Wedding Show Catwalk September 2012 - Flowers by Silk Blooms

We would like to thank QD Events for showcasing our wedding flowers on stage at the Scottish Exhibition Centre Catwalk again. What a fantastic event and what a pleasure it is to see our bouquets with all those stunning wedding dresses.

Watch some of the highlights of the SECC Catwalk in our video, below. Special thanks to Andy Lenihan from 'Glasgow Wedding Videos' for recording this event for us.



Here are the bouquets featured in the video:

(00:57) New Luxury Ivory Vanda Orchid & Rose Brides Bouquet with Brooch (Catriona Bridal Bouquet)

(01:04) Stunning, Pink and Peach Bridal Posy with Orchids and Roses (Anastasia Wedding Bouquet)

(01:13) Angelic, Cute White Flower Girl Rose Wand with White Crystal Day Lily (Emily Wand)

(01:32 & 01:56) Gorgeous Ivory Rose Flower Girls Pomander with Butterfly (Siobhan Pomander)

(02:00) Amazing Aubergine and Black Bridal Bouquet with Calla Lilies and Feathers (Bryony Bridal Bouquet)

(02:13) Large White Wedding Crystal Rose Brides Bouquet,Luxury Bouquet (Emily Wedding Bouquet)

(02:18) Luxury Modern Ivory Vanda Orchid and Rose Cascade Bridal Bouquet (Catriona Cascading Bouquet)

(02:35) Purple Ivory Bridal Bouquet, Filled with Scottish Thistles & Roses (Martina Bride)

(02:35) Stunning Pink Gerbera, Ivory Calla Lily and Ivory Rose Bouquet (Kaitlyn Bride)

(02:45) Blue Ivory Bouquet, Ivory Hydrangea Bridal Brooch Bouquet (Skye Brooch Bouquet)

(03:38) Vibrant Bridal Bouquet with Purple Centred White Picasso Lilies (Picasso Lily Bridal Bouquet)





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