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Silk Funeral Flowers


Silk Funeral, Sympathy & Graveside Flowers

Funeral flower arrangements are a tradition that dates back to ancient, pre-historic times and they will always be an important part of every funeral. Their beauty is supposed to be a comfort to those who are grieving but they also to serve as a reminder and a celebration of the life gone by.

Funeral flowers are the larger arrangements such as wreaths, sprays and sheaths and these serve as a tribute at the funeral service itself. They are usually organised by the close family or by those making the preliminary funeral arrangements. They are not appropriate to send to the home as they are usually too large, formal and can be upsetting for loved ones.

Sympathy, or graveside memorial flowers are the most suitable option for either sending directly to the loved ones or family of the deceased. These can also be placed at their gravestone shortly after the service. These are usually bouquets or smaller floral arrangements which can be sat in an urn or just lay on the grass.

"How we treat the dead says an awful lot about how we live. For the strong and able to serve the helpless dead, to honour frail remains, reaches deep inside us to something basic to humanity." -Paul Gregory Alms

Remembering your loved ones with a nice floral tribute is a reflection of your love and remembrance for them. Give it thought and consideration and make the right choices.


Rose Bush - Graveside

When choosing memorial flowers you might want to consider artificial flowers. No matter what season, with artificial flowers you will be able to select the type or species that you want. You can even choose a favourite flower of the recently passed and thanks to our unique colouring process, you can have the arrangement created in their favourite colour.

Gran - Funeral Lettering in Artificial Flowers


Artificial flowers last much, much longer than real flowers.

Fresh flowers will only last a few days at the most and when they dry up and die it can leave the grave looking neglected.

Our silk floral arrangements are created using high-quality materials so they resist sun-fading for months on end and they are designed to withstand outdoor all of the elements.

All through the snow, rain and wind they will maintain their fresh look and colour and keep your loved one's grave looking beautiful and well cared for.

Wilted Graveside FlowersWilted Funeral Flowers

The deer and the rabbits will eat fresh flowers as they're quite the delicacy in their eyes. They don't care for artificial flowers though, they may come and inspect them as they can be fooled by their realism but they won't eat them, not ever!

Silk Funeral Flowers

We can create a large variety of different arrangements using your loved ones favourite flowers including headstone sprays, memorial wreaths, grave cushions, floral crosses and vase bouquets. If you've seen a particular design that you'd like and you want it recreated then just ask us. We can create absolutely any floral tribute in any flower, any colour.


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