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Artificial Tree & Plant Placement Preview

Silk Blooms artificial trees and plants will bring a lovely ambiance to your home and create a pleasant office or workplace environment. Our trees and plants are so realistic and they'll make your guest vistis an unforgettable experience!

It's important that you choose the right trees or plants for your interior design. We can help you to make the right choice before even making a purchase. Choosing the right product is a fine are that requires a great eye for interior design. This is one of our strong points and this is why we are happy to assist. We use advanced photo editing tools to show you how your tree or plant will look in your home or your place of work. So, let us help you to choose with our FREE and easy, risk free service.

Below you can see how this works. You simply complete and submit the request form for a proposal (with no obligation to buy).

Step 1 - Take a Photograph
You can take just one photo, or several. We just need to see your interior and the area where you'd like to place your artificial tree or plants. When you have your photos, just send them to us using the form below. Alternatively, you can email them direct to sales@silkblooms.co.uk or bring the photos to our showroom in Glasgow. One of our designers can assist you in choosing the right tree and planter combination for your space. If you're not good with computers, or if you'd rather we visit your office, then just send us an email and request some advice on location. We can send a designer to meet you and discuss your planting options.

Step 2 - Receive our Proposal
When we've received your photos and your comments from the form, below, then our designers will select the artificial trees or plants which they feel best fit your interior. They will create true-to-life impressions of your interior with the chosen products so that you can see how they'll look if you decide to purchase them. We'll send this to you with a proposal and a clear overview of size and pricing options.

Step 3 - Placement
When you are are satisfied with the results you can accept the offer by email and we'll contact you to discuss the payment and delivery details. You can either collect your trees and plants from our showroom in Glasgow, or we can arrange delivery by DPD to any location. Our plants and trees are delivered in cartons, fully assembled and ready to just unpack and sit in position.

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