Pollen allergies can be a nightmare for you and your guests but not with our premium quality artificial flowersWe are an award winning UK floristOur flowers travel really well so they’re ideal for destination weddingsWe always send pictures for approval on all customised flower designsSilk Blooms flowers do not attract wasps, insects or bugs!
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About Us

Find out more about us, our collections and the presence Silk Blooms has throughout the UK, USA, Canada and Australia
  • Our brand profile

    About Us

    We are the largest silk wedding flowers company in the UK.  We catered for over 7,500 weddings last year worldwide including Kole Toure of Manchester City and Liverpool FC fame. We have some impressive clients like Estee Lauder, Juicy Couture, Calvin Klein and many others.  We specialise in premium quality, artificial wedding flowers and we can colour match flowers to any shade of any colour.

    Since our humble beginnings as a home based company, we've grown exponentially. We have several full time staff from florists and IT to colour matching and manufacture. We can create flowers that you just can't get elsewhere.

    We're really proud of our success and we owe these accomplishments to our specialism in premium quality, artificial flowers which we can colour match to any Pantone.  With over 5,000 innovative and unique wedding products we have probably the biggest choice of bouquets on the net! The whole internet is our catalogue though. We can replicate floral designs from a picture and it's this phenomenal service, one which you just don't find anywhere else, that's earned us such a fantastic reputation.

    We are corporate members of the British Florist Association (BFA) abiding by the approved industry code of practice. The BFA link out to our website from their home page which in itself is a huge seal of approval. However, all you have to do is Google reviews on Silk Blooms and read what our customers have to say about us. Our customers really do mean the world to us and we do everything in our power to ensure we have nothing but a one hundred percent track record. We are not happy unless you are happy!

    British Florist Association - Corporate Member

  • Meet the team

    You know our name. You know our reputation.  Now let's get to know the people behind Silk Blooms and the skills and experience they bring to your wedding day.  We're quite a diverse bunch from a range of different backgrounds but we have one thing in common - we are all passionate about flowers!  We are totally dedicated to providing really high quality work and service.

    A selection of the team here to help you.

    Mara Rose Naismith


    Lissa Ski


    Courtney Greenhill

    Mara Rose Naismith

    Master Florist


    Lissa Ski

    Master Florist


    Courtney Greenhill


    Founder of Silk Blooms, Mara Rose has a real passion for flowers and floral design.  A born natural with a remarkable flare for colour coordination.  Mara is one of the most creative and instinctive florists in our team.  Friendly and outgoing, she fits so well into customer services.  Her vision and design skills are amazing and she loves helping our customers with their flower choices. 


    Prior to joining Silk Blooms, Lissa was working as a senior florist with a major supermarket chain.  She's worked with flowers all of her life, ever since her first job as young girl in her mum's flower shop.  With over twenty years experience in the industry and a natural flare for floral design, Lissa is amongst the best wedding florists in the country. Truly remarkable at what she does.


    Courtney came to Silk Blooms as a trainee florist after leaving school.  She's been with us from the start and she's grown with the company over the years, learning from some of the best in the business.  She's central in her role as a florist, a proven, integral part of the team.  We don't know what we'd do without her!  She's completely and utterly indispensible.  A brilliant young florist with a bright future ahead of her.

    Mara's Favourite Flowers: 'Because it's so unique and it's such a striking design'


    Lissa's Favourite Flowers: 'Because it's so special and it feels so luxurious'


    Courtneys Favourite Flowers: 'Because it's really simple and it's as cute as you get!'


    Agnisezka Synowiec


    Danielle Moran


    Justyna Wodyk

    Agnieszka Synowiec

    Master Florist


    Danielle Moran BA



    Justyna Wodyk BSc MSc

    QC Packaging

    An experienced and highly motivated florist with a proven track record in the wedding flower industry.  Agnieszka had owned an affluent, award winning florist business in Poland for the last 25yrs so we were chuffed when she decided to relocate to Scotland. She has a really very exceptional skill set, demonstrated by the popularity of her own business and the long term contracts she maintained. We're just glad that Agnieszka now works for Silk Blooms.


    A graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, Danielle joined our company as a floral artist.  Having worked in many areas of art and design with a range of her own work that she's hoping to exhibit, Danielle has brought a lot of transferrable skills to our company.  She has helped us develop a whole new product range with flowers that just aren't available elsewhere.  A creative, friendly, hard-working team member - so good at what she does!


    The newest member of our team, brought in to help us with quality control and packaging.  Due to the sheer volume of orders we're getting, Justyna has joined our team to take control of the packaging team and quality assurance.  Justyna has a Masters degree in Environmental Protection and a real eye for detail.  She's a great asset to Silk Blooms, very hard working - she can't do enough to help us get everything out on time, to the excellent standard that we expect for our customers.

    Agnieszka's Favourite Flowers: 'I love anemones'


    Danielle's Favourite Flowers: 'Because it's so unusual and I made them!'


    Justyna's Favourite Flowers: 'I just love the clean, classic style'


    Holly Naismith


    Clemence Moulaert


    Francina Adams

    Holly Naismith

    Graphics Designer


    Clémence Moulaert BA MLitt

    Content Manager


    Francina Adams

    Customer Representative

    Holly' role is to organise and edit the product images and maintain the product database.  With over 7,000 products and some 200,000 product images she has her work cut out to keep up with our production department. Holly joined our team on a part time basis but it's great that she's come on board now full time.  She's a really fantastic asset to Silk Blooms and I'm sure you'll agree from the quality of our imagery she is doing a fantastic job!


    Clémence is employed in a content development role, primarily responsible for coordinating the blog and the online catalogue descriptions.  It's a difficult job to keep up with all the new products we're creating, but with a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature and a Masters in Publishing Studies, Clémence is bringing it all together nicely.  Fluent in three languages, we hope one day she'll translate the website for us too.


    Francina studied marketing at Strathclyde University and she's come to Silk Blooms after several years in a customer services role with a major high street brand.  She's had lots of experience dealing with customers and she completely understands how important our customers are.  We treat our customers how we would like to be treated ourselves, so Francina's warm and friendly personality are most welcome here. She's ideal for this role and an asset to our team and our customers.

    Holly's Favourite Flowers: 'Because it's pink and pretty - I like girly flowers'


    Clémence's Favourite Flowers: 'I love this bouquet, it reminds me of Scotland'


    Francina's Favourite Flowers: 'Because I just love red anemones'


    Szymon Weier


    David McDaid

    Szymon Weier BSc MSc

    Storekeeper and Caretaker


    David McDaid BSc

    Company Director

    Szymon has a Masters degree in civil engineering, with a lot of experience in general construction and building maintenance.  He's come over from Poland to start a new life here and he spends his time learning English in order to pass his transfer exams, so he can work in as civil engineer in the UK.  Szymon is a very hard working and determined young man and we're thrilled that he's here in a maintenance role 'til he's passed his exams.


    David is the company director and he spends most of his time marketing Silk Blooms and working on business growth and development.  He's from a civil engineering background so not had a lot to do with floristry in the past.  It's a new venture to David but he's thoroughly enjoying every minute.  He can't do flowers but he makes up for it in other departments.  We don't know what his coffee tastes like because he's still to make a cup for anyone.  He's far too busy for anything like that.

    Szymon's Favourite Flowers: 'I don't know why but I like these ones!'


    David's Favourite Flowers: 'Because it's vivid and red and as Scottish as can be'

  • Our corporate and ethical responsibility

    We import many of our products, either directly from the manufacturer or indirectly through our UK supply chain. We have a very close working relationship the factories in Asia where our flowers are made and we have assurance that international labour standards are adhered to. There is no child labour in any of these factories and all workers are operating in a safe environment. Our staff here in the UK are all paid more than a living wage and we don't over work them.

    We work very closely with all of our suppliers and we have long standing relationships with all of the major wholesale florists in the UK. Several of the Asian factories we use have worked with us for many years but some artificial flowers just aren't available from anywhere in the world. You can't make every flower in every colour but we have taken to manufacturing these ourselves, right here in Glasgow. We recognise that so many nice flowers just can't be purchased off-the-shelf and we're determined to bring them to the market. Accordingly, you will only find artificial Singapore ochids and silk Vermeer lilies here, at Silk Blooms. I believe we are the only UK flower manufacturer.

    We are closely involved in the development of new artificial flower designs with our factories in Asia and we only purchase from reputable suppliers who support ethical working standards and ensure codes of practice are in place within their organisation.

  • Join The Silk Blooms Network

    Stunning, beautiful, ultra-realistic silk flowers for weddings, visual merchandising and your home. We are known worldwide for our perfectly arranged flowers, from on trend bridal bouquets to stylish floral arrangements and designer prom corsages. With our online presence growing steadily across the UK, America, Canada and Asia & Australia, we are becoming a global brand.

    We're now looking for more fresh florists to join our network, so whenever you've got a silk flowers customer you just refer them to us for a commission! We completely understand the fresh flower florists can't work with artificial flowers. We are the best in the business with fake flowers though, we catered for over 7,500 weddings last year alone, all with silk flowers. Send your silk flowers customers to us for a 10% commission on all orders you put through us.

    The benefits of affiliating with Silk Blooms:

    • It's free to join our network and with with access to over 6,000 prducts on our website you have lots to offer your customers with prices in plain view

    • commission on all sales, excluding the shipping fees (we ship worldwide)

    • We can replicate bouquets from photos and we can colour match flowers to any shade so your customers are spoilt for choice

    • You can offer your customer any flower in any colour at any time of the year

    • You will have peace of mind in the knowledge that you are guaranteed a top quality product and real expertise

    What do I need to do as an affiliate?

    • Either place one of our ads on your site or blog, or;

    • Recommend your customers directly to us and ask them to quote your unique florist reference number when they're placing their order

    How do I become a Silk Blooms affiliate?

    • Simply click here and send us the email to register your interest in our silk flowers network

    • Once you've been approved, you can choose from a variety of our banner ads and text links

    • Post our banner ads on your site to attract customers to purchase on our site

    • You'll then receive 10% commission on customer purchases, excluding shipping fees

  • Silk Blooms Public Showroom

    Our 1,000 sq. ft showroom in Coatbridge, Glasgow has lots of our flowers on display. We have a lovely selection of wedding bouquets, silk floral arrangements, magnetic buttonholes, corsages, church displays and favours. It's the ideal way to get a feel for the size and shape of the bouquet that suits your frame size and your dress, but it's also really good to see how realistic our flowers are. So, give us a call on 0845 519 0476 or email sales@silkblooms.co.uk to arrange an appointment to come in and have a look at our flowers.

    silk blooms showroom

    If you're not sure about artificial flowers or if you've just never seen good ones before, then you should definitely come and see us. We'd love to show you some examples of our work and we'd love to give you advice and help you develop your wedding flower ideas.

    Silk Blooms Showroom Red Corner    Silk Blooms Showroom - White Emily Corner    Silk Blooms Showroom - Picasso Corner

    Come in and have a look at all the designs in our showroom, we're always changing and adding to them so come in and pick them up, hold our bouquets, compare them with others, feel their weight and even try them out in front of the mirror. Bring your mum or bring your bridesmaids and friends!

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