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Baby Pink Gerbera Theme Wedding

Chloe and Aaron - September 14th, 2013 - Nissi Beach Hotel, Nissi Bay, Cyprus


Nissi Beach Wedding Flower Arch

I had a look at a few florists but someone recommended Silk Blooms on the Cyprus Wedding Facebook Page, so I had a look and instantly fell in love with all the wedding flowers. It was so hard to choose as Silk Blooms have such a great selection but I feel I definitely made the right choice with the baby pink and white real touch gerbera, calla lily and rose based bouquets.

Pink Wedding Flowers

I couldn't believe the amount of comments I got from my guests. No one could believe my flowers weren't real. Everyone was commenting on how beautiful they were and how the colours matched the wedding theme perfectly.

Nissi Beach Wedding

I put a few of my pictures on the Cyprus Wedding Facebook page and I have had loads of people inboxing me and asking where I got my flowers from as they all really like them.

Nissi Beach Wedding Set

I knew from the start I didn't want real flowers so I didn't even attempt to get price quotes but I know compared to what I have been told by other brides how much they have spent on real flowers. I definitely saved a lot of money and mine were definitely worth the money we paid.

Wedding at Nissi Beach

Looking at our pictures you'd never know our flowers were silk and in the heat of the sun they lasted the whole day. Real flowers would have wilted and died, but not Silk Blooms.

Just Married - Nissi Beach

The colours were really perfect, I was so pleased with them and the best bit is we still have our flowers as a lovely keepsake of the day...

Bride and Bridesmaids at Nissi Beach

I let all my bridesmaids, flower girls and mother of bride and groom keep their flowers as memories of the day. I currently have mine in a beautiful vase at home on display for everyone to see when they come round. My plan is to have a 3D frame made which I can put my flowers in and display in my home without them getting too dusty...

Gerbera Wedding Buttonholes

My plan is to have a 3D frame made which I can put my flowers in and have displayed in my house therefore I won't need to worry about them gathering dust and getting ruined.

Nissi Beach Wedding Venue

Overall, I'm so happy that we went with Silk Blooms for our wedding flowers. The customer service and after care was really wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone getting married at home or abroad...

Nissi Beach Wedding Tree


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