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Bespoke Artificial Trees

Bespoke Artificial Olive Trees with UV Resistant Foliage

Bespoke Artificial Trees, Hand Built in the UK to Superior Grade Quality

Bespoke Artificial Trees Handmade to your Specification

Botanically correct artificial trees are one of Silk Blooms specialities. Our trees are manufactured by hand, right here in the UK with an outstanding attention to detail and transported to location to be installed by our assembly teams. Our trees are shipped all over the world as we offer a truly bespoke service for artificial trees in any size, to absolutely any specification. Our trees are hand-built to museum grade quality using cutting-edge fabrication techniques and revolutionary construction technology.

Just tell us about your tree project and the specifications you’re working to and we will be able to offer you advice on things like the materials and shapes that may work best for you and the foliage and canopy proportions that would give you the most natural looking, long-lasting results.

We offer two different options for our bespoke trees. These can either be “fabricated trunks" or “real preserved trunks". Both options are for different uses but they both look absolutely fantastic and you will find it difficult to tell them apart from real trees.

Our fabricated trunks give total over how the tree will look when complete. This technique allows us to construct very large trees which are built from scratch, so if you want a theatrical appearance with a specific size and shape then our fabricated trunks are the perfect choice.

Our natural preserved trunks come from kiln dried trees from sustainably sourced forests which are grown by nature and offer the range of unique features that only mother nature herself can produce. All of our natural tree trunks are dried out in kilns at our warehouse to ensure that the timber is fully preserved and completely bug free. With this option you get the most natural looking trunk possible, created by nature and preserved to last a lifetime.

Whichever option you choose for the trunks, we use clever techniques to fix and colour match preserved wood branches to form canopy structures from artificial foliage. Invisible jointing techniques give a natural looking result, with intuitive spacing and shaping to produce a brilliantly lifelike appearance that is difficult to fault when the foliage is on.

We have a variety of UV protected foliage that will last for years, even in the hottest of countries, guaranteed. We also have a range of fire resistant foliage which is certified and ideal for indoor mall projects or visual merchandising trees.

Get in touch if you want to discuss your tree project with our team of professional designers. There is always someone to take your call and all emails are answered within a few hours. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. You are in good hands.

Artificial Olive Tree in the Ashin Avenue Centre
Luxury Handmade Trees in Hotel Lobby
Custom Built Artificial Olive Trees
Exterior Grade UV Rated Olive Trees
Premium Handmade Artificial Trees for Hotel Entrance Exterior Grade

UV & Fire Resistant Foliage

Silk Blooms selection of inherently fire retardant foliage actually certifies fire resistance for safety and peace of mind, without compromising on appearance. This is perfect for indoor tree projects where health & safety requirements require fire rating certificates for artificial foliage.

Our UV resistant formula guarantees that our foliage will stay the correct colour in any climate for years to come. Very popular in hotter climates like Saudi Arabia but wise even in the UK as the sun will still change the colour of non-UK rated foliage.

Fire Resistant Foliage
UV Protected Foliage

Artificial Tree Trunk Being Hand Dyed
Made in the UK


Our bespoke trees are designed and built in the United Kingdom by our professional team of artificial tree designers.

Bespoke artificial trees, custom built to any size and any specification, but shipped worldwide to any location.

Removing the Mould from an Artificial Tree Trunk

We can supply trees for any size of project and we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our professional, but friendly customer service.



Superior Quality Artificial Trees

Hand made by UK craftsmen with attention to detail that's second to none. We offer a bespoke service for artificial trees, plants and hedges.

Contact us for a quote, or if you just need some help or advice with an upcoming project then get us involved. We're here to help.

Custom Made Artificial Trees
Bespoke Artificial Trees in Luxury Hotel Lobby
Luxury Artificial Olive Trees Handmade to Order
UV Rated Olive Trees for Outdoors Use
Artificial Ovive Trees in Hotel


Custom Built Artificial Trees in Luxury Hotel Lobby by Silk Blooms UK
Bespoke Artificial Olive Trees by Silk Blooms Glasgow
Exterior Grade UV Rated Olive Trees for Outdoor Use with Long Term Guarantee
UV Rated Artificial Olive Trees at Hotel Entrance

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