Silk Blooms Flowers for Nicolao + Viktor & Rolf FLOWERBOMB EXPLOSION

Silk Blooms Flowers for Nicolao + Viktor & Rolf FLOWERBOMB EXPLOSION


Photo credit: by artica

viktor and rolf silkblooms flowerbomb explosion

If you’ve been in Selfridges recently, you may have noticed this splendid cascade of supersized gold flowers near the Viktor and Rolf section… We’re so proud to partner with Tommaso Nicolao, the creative genius behind this visual display for the latest Viktor and Rolf fragrance, ‘Flowerbomb Rose Explosion’. This fragrance is all about luxury, glamour, and opulence, so we wanted to create a floral display that was mesmerising — a real show-stopper.

We may as well have been singing ‘We’re painting the roses gold!’ to the tune of the Alice In Wonderland song, because it took a lot of gold paint to get these roses right. And yes, we may have stained our hands a bit…


The Flowerbomb Rose Explosion has been a great challenge, and we’re looking forward to the next one!

If you want a stunning visual display for your product or business, get in touch with us! We create unique, eye-catching flower displays tailored to your needs — as we always say, no job is too difficult for us!

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