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Blush Pink Wedding Theme

Rachel and David - June 18th, Nissi Bay, Cyprus

Blush Pink Wedding Theme

We got married at the Olympic Lagoon resort, Nissi Bay, Cyprus on 18th June 2013. We had 57 guests travel all the way to Cyprus for us which was amazing.

Blush Pink Wedding

I arranged my wedding via Suzanne Miller of Aphrodite Wedding Services as I wanted to use my own personal wedding planner rather than rely on the ones available at the hotel. I definitely made the right decision as Suzanne was fantastic and took the stress out of everything.

Blush Pink Wedding - Cyprus

I had never even considered artificial flowers as I didn't think they would look realistic but after I joined a wedding forum on Facebook (Cyprus bride's to be), I came across a number of brides who were full of compliments for Silk Blooms. It got me wondering about whether artificial flowers might be better than I first thought so I took a look at a number of different suppliers including Silk Blooms. I already had a picture of the style of bouquet I was after and when looking at various suppliers I kept returning to Silk Blooms as their worked seemed to look so realistic. After speaking to other brides that had used Silk Blooms, I trusted that they would be able to match the picture I had.

Blush Pink Wedding - Nissi Beach

My theme was blush pink and I had hints of crystals and pearls throughout. I wanted to keep everything very light, romantic and simple as the gardens we were getting married in were already colourful and striking enough so I didn't want to overwhelm things. I was so over the moon with the overall look of everything on the day. We chose Silk Blooms for the flowers as I really wanted my flowers to last in the heat and also wanted to be able to use them again at our home reception. Also, silk blooms seemed to offer the most realistic looking bouquets which was important to me as I didn't want to lose the natural look I was aiming for. The soft, romantic colours of my flowers worked so well and set off the pictures perfectly.

Blush Pink Wedding in Cyprus

I found a lot of my suppliers through 'Cyprus Brides to be'. It's a fantastic page where brides ask questions and share ideas amongst one another. As I was planning my Cyprus wedding 'blindly' it was unbelievably helpful to have this available. This was how I discovered Silk Blooms, my photographer, my hairdresser and lots of other pieces of information and nice little touches that I would never have thought of before.

Nissi Beach Wedding - Blush Pink

I was worried about the heat in Cyprus and the risk of the flowers wilting and not looking their best by the end of the day. With my silk flowers I was able to relax and not have a worry about this. Also I loved the fact that I was able to use them again at the home reception that I held once we'd returned from Cyprus. This meant that the wedding party looked just as we had done on our wedding day and people who hadn't come to Cyprus were still able to see the complete package. I also liked the fact that I had an element of control over the flowers.

Blush Pink Wedding Flowers

Silk Blooms sent photos of the finished product to check that I was happy with them before sending them out to me, so if there was anything that I wanted to change or tweak then it was possible. This isn't possible with real flowers and you are basically handed a delivery of flowers on the day of your wedding that you have no option but to use. I am quite fussy and had a very clear vision in my mind of what I wanted the flowers to look like and I would find it annoying to look back on pictures of my special day with a bunch of flowers that I didn't particularly like at the forefront of every image.

Cyprus Wedding - Blush Pink

I received a lot of compliments from people based on them believing they were real so they couldn't believe it when I told them that they were artificial. People who didn't come to Cyprus but had seen our pictures and the flowers we'd had were surprised to see us at our home reception with flowers in our hand! Someone even presumed we'd had more flowers made for the party!

Nissi Beach in Blush Pink

They were carefully wrapped again, brought back to the UK and used at my home reception. They are now stored safely away with my other wedding items. It's nice to think that I will be able to look back at my flowers along with all of my other memorable bits and pieces and I even wonder whether my daughter might want to carry them down the aisle herself one day!!

Blush Pink Wedding Flowers

Our wedding day was just perfect and more than we had ever dreamed of. We'd had a bit of a hiccup in the lead up to the wedding as both of our children broke out in chicken pox on the very day we landed in Cyprus, with just 5 days to go until the wedding. My daughter only suffered a mild dose and recovered quickly but my son became quite poorly with it and was covered from head to toe with a severe dose of the virus. He had to be confined to the room for those first few days of our holiday and we had to have a doctor call out to the hotel on the morning of the wedding to decide whether he was able to attend!! Needless to say it was an extremely stressful few days, but it all came good in the end and Luca was given the go ahead to attend Mummy and Daddy's wedding! This made the day even more special and we did nothing but smile the whole day long (and shed the odd tear too):-)

Blush Pink in Cyprus


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