We can colour match our flowers to absolutely any shade of any colour, right down to the petalsGet any flower you like in any colour, even out of seasonCome visit Silk Blooms showroom in GlasgowYou can keep your wedding bouquets as a momentum of your dayWe always send pictures for approval on all customised flower designs
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How Can We Help?

Whether you are needing help to place an order or looking for the best delivery option to suit you,
our help section will guide you through any questions you may have
  • Do I need to create an online account to place an order?

    No, but if you're just purchasing from our online store then it's easier for you to make the purchase online. When you're registering for an account it will ask all your delivery details and delivery deadlines and it'll be sent to us when you place your order online. However, if you'd prefer to place your order on the phone then give us a ring on 0845 519 0476 and we'll be happy to process your order manually.

    If you have a bespoke or custom made request then you can give us a ring on the number above, or e-mail us with a complete list of your requirements with quantities for each item you require and a note of any specific design features that you'd like to incorporate. Our customer services will respond in due course with advice on how to customise your flowers and advice on what would work best with your theme. We're here to help.

  • How do I pay my deposit?

    You simply add your products to your cart and go through the normal checkout process. When you get to the payment methods, you'll be able to either 'pay in full', or 'create a payment plan'.

    Just click the button to create a payment plan and the system will automatically calculate the minimum 20% deposit, based on your cart contents. You can pay more that this if you prefer, just type the amount you'd like to pay in the box. When you click the 'Confirm Order' button you will be taken to the card payment page.

    After you check out, you'll receieve an order confirmation email and this will allow us to book you into our production schedule. The confirmation email will include instructions on how to pay towards your remaining balance but you can read more about that, here:

    How do I pay an Instalment?

  • How do I pay an instalment?

    You just need to log into your account and click on the order history tab. Alternatively, log in and use this link:

    My Order History

    You'll see a list of order ID's, with the total order costs and the balance next to each one. Just click on the order you want to make a payment towards and then enter the amount you're paying and use the Make Payment button to proceed to the checkout page.

    The system will then debit your card and deduct the payment amount from your total balance. You will receive an email notification and you will see your new balance updated instantly. Just pay what you like, when you like as there are no set monthly payments It's all very flexible.

  • I am having problems Paying with my Card

    Sorry to hear about this, if you can drop us an email and someone will look into this and get straight back to you. We'll be able to see from our merchant account if there's a problem with your card. Usually we can see what's stopping the payment from processing though the system and it's usually quite easy to fix. Alternatively, give us a call on 0845 519 0476 and we'll process the payment on the phone.

  • I need to Change my address or personal details

    If you have already placed an order with us and your shipping address changes then you'll need to contact us about that. It's not enough to simply amend your account details online as your shipping invoice will have already been printed when the order first came through. If you've not yet placed an order but you want to change your address and personal information then just click 'My Account' and amend your details.

  • Personal information security

    Like all online retailers, we take your privacy and security seriously and we guarantee that we only use your information for order processing. When you shop at Silk Blooms we protect your payment details so that all your information is fully encrypted before it's sent over the internet. For further details on how we protect your privacy and security please click here

  • How do I make a payment towards the balance of my account?

    It couldn't be easier to pay an instalment. Simply go to our payment page, then enter the amount that you'd like to pay in £GBP and checkout. When the payment comes through it will be manually deducted from your main order balance and you'll receive a confirmation with your new running total.

  • Problems signing into my account / forgotten password

    If you're having difficulty signing into your account, we recommend that you check the email address you're using is the same one you used to sign up. Double check the spelling and try again. If you can't remember your login details then click here to go to the 'forgotten password' page where you'll be able to enter your email address and receive a new password.

  • Subscribe/unsubscribe to newsletter

    Subscribing to our newsletter is simple. Just enter your e-mail address in the "Email Signup" box at the bottom of any webpage. Our newsletter will keep you up to date with all our latest arrivals and upcoming promotions. You will receive notifications and links to our competitions and events. To unsubscribe from newsletter, simply click the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of your latest newsletter e-mail and you'll no longer be on our mailing list.

  • Can I buy just to try and return?

    Everything that we sell is handmade to order. All of the flowers are procured, dyed and professionally arranged by our staff so it costs us a lot of time and money to make each item. We ask that you please don’t buy them just to try them and return them as it will incur a 20% handling fee.

  • I really like an item on your website but I want to make some changes to the design

    Everything on our website is completely customisable and we would be able to make matching items to tie in with the same theme if required. So, if you can't find 'exactly' what you need then we can help. If you see a design that you like and you want to tweak it a bit or you want other items to match then we can make any changes that you desire. If you send us a swatch then we can even get your colour exactly right.

    We are also happy to work from pictures off Google Images, or wedding magazines or blog sites. If you have a good browse and find something that you really like elsewhere then we’ll be able to recreate that for you, or even adapt it and modify it to suit your theme with any of the tweaks or design changes that you’d like. We specialise in recreating bouquets from photos.

  • I see a bouquet I like but can you make matching items?

    Absolutely. We don't have full ranges of all our products listed on our site but we're more than happy to create new designs to match in with the same theme. So, if you see a bridal bouquet that you really like but there aren't many matching items, we'll be able to create them to your exact specifications. We would even send photos of the completed designs for approval, prior to posting them out to you.

    We can make matching flowers for your guest tables or flowers for your church and venue to match in with your wedding theme. We can make corsages for your mum's and female guests and we can create flowers for your hair and top table. We can make absolutely anything from flowers and we'll make sure that everything matches in a complete range.

  • Can you make bespoke or custom made bouquets?

    We would absolutely love to work on a customised order with you. We’re super confident that we can replicate any design and we can certainly work to colour swatches if you could send us something that matches the colours you’re going with.

    We’re really good at working to pictures.  Here is how we worked with another customer recently, just to show you how the process works.  Here is the enquiry image that she sent to us originally:


    Marina didn’t want them exactly like the pictures, so we worked to her specifications and set up a custom order page for her, here:


    This is just to show you how we work.  We would set up a custom product page for you too, so that we can create your dream wedding flowers.  We’d set the descriptions on this page so that they’re tailored specifically to you, based on your specifications.  When we have your custom page reading correctly and we have you programmed into our calendar, then we’ll send photos of the completed work for approval.  We wouldn’t post anything out without approval and if you wanted to tweak or fine-tune them at all then we’d take care of it until they’re exactly what you want.

    Marina was absolutely over the moon with her flowers.  All our customers are!  If you go to our 2012 customer Gallery and scroll down to Marina + Sandy, 10/08/2012 then you’ll see the end result in action.

    Just get in touch with us and we'll be able to help you coordinate your theme colours with your flowers. We will help you to develop your ideas until eventually, we’ll be looking at your absolute dream flowers!

  • will i get a photo of my flowers sent for approval before you post them?

    If you're purchasing something from our website with only minor changes like a different ribbon colour or a few small tweaks then we don't tend to send photos for this. However, if we are creating a custom made wedding flowers order from photos that you've sent to us or from a conceptual design that we've discussed then we would definitely send pictures for approval before we actually posted them.

    We always send pictures of our customised items before shipping, that way you’ll be able to either approve or fine tune them before we send them out. Basically, if we make something for you and send pictures that you don’t like, we will tweak them at no extra cost. We will only be happy with the flowers when you are happy with them and we don't mind tweaking and changing them until they are totally perfect. We are aiming to provide you with your absolute dream flowers and we want to ensure that you get the flowers you have envisioned. If you want to make major changes (like different colours and different flowers added or a different design from your custom order page there will be charges for this).

  • Why should i send you a swatch, can't you work to colours from a digital picture?

    Looking at the colours on-screen is a bad idea as digital images are often distorted and colours can be more than a few shades out from screen to screen. If you want an exact match then we do need something physical to colour match to.

    It’s impossible to judge shades of colour form on-screen images as colours always looks different from one screen to the next. You really can't judge a true colour from a digital image. Even pulling colour codes from a computer screen is going to cause issues. To illustrate, here’s the same pink dresses screenshot from two different computers:

    wedding colours and digital imagery

    Same photo, but viewed on two different PC’s it looks like totally different shades of pink. This is the trouble with judging colours from on-screen images. They’re totally unreliable and you need to use something physical to match to.

    If you send us a swatch then we’d be able to match your colours but if you want to use Pantone codes then you’d need to look at the Pantone cards in a folder or a book so you’re looking at something physical and not something on a PC screen.

  • I Want you to colour match but I don't have a swatch

    If you do have a colour swatch you can send then post it to the address below. Remember to include a note of your email address or order number so we can see who it’s come from:

    Quadrant Shopping Centre
    ML5 3EG

    If you don't have a colour swatch then don't worry as there are other ways. Maybe you have a B&Q nearby? You can choose some of the paint colouring cards they have there and post the one that matches. Failing that, we can match to any sort of paper or page from a magazine, just anything that you can lay your hands on which is the same colour. This is how we do it with lots of our other customers and it does work really well.

    If you aren't too bothered about an identical match then we'd be able to work to the colours from photographs. We can't guarantee a match this way as colours vary so much from one screen to the next.

  • Wedding Bouquet Size Guide

    If you're looking at a rounded, hand tied bouquet for yourself then we like to categorise them in three standard sizes. Petite, standard or oversized. If you would like a bridal bouquet that's smaller than these then you're really looking at bridesmaids bouquets. If you'd like one that's even larger then you're looking for an oversized-plus bouquet. We can make all of our bouquets in any size to suit your frame and your dress but if you want measurements then here's what we'd class as the three normal bridal bouquet sizes:



    As you can see from the diagrams on the left, there's more to the size of a bouquet than just the diameter. You have the curved diameter across the top of the bouquet (C) and you have the horizontal diameter which is the size you get when you hold a tape straight across the bottom of the flowers (A). Lastly, the circumference is the measurement all the way around the perimeter of the bouquet (B).

    PETITE: A-7” B-23” C-10”
    STANDARD: A-9” B-28” C-14”
    OVERSIZED: A-11” B-33” C-18”

    You can go larger or smaller than these sizes if you feel that would suit your frame or your dress. However, these are pretty common to the sizes of the rounded, hand tied bouquets which are listed on our website.




    With a teardrop shaped bouquet there's more to consider in terms of the size. We've introduced a fourth and fifth measurement, so you have the curved diameter across the top of the bouquet again (C), with the same horizontal diameter across the bottom of the flowers (A). The perimeter is the measurement all the way around the bouquet (B). The length or the 'drop' of this style (D) is measured down the curvature of flowers over the length of the bouquet. The vertical drop is a straight tape measurement underneath the back of the bouquet (E).

    PETITE: A-7” B-32” C-10” D-16” E-13”
    STANDARD: A-9” B-35” C-14” D-19” E-15”
    OVERSIZED: A-11” B-38” C-18” D-22” E-17”

    You can also go larger or smaller on these teardrop bouquets. However, the sizes are pretty common to the teardrop bouquets which are listed on our site.

    The shape of these bouquets are really definitive as they are shaped like a teardrop and the dimensions are proportional to this shape. When you start to go longer then you're going up into a cascading bouqet.




    Cascading bouquets are measured in a similar way to trardrops. They have the same five dimensions, but cascading bouquets are longer than teardrops and they are generally bigger and fuller too. Again, you have the curved diameter across the top of the bouquet C), with the horizontal diameter across the bottom of the flowers (A). The perimeter is the measurement all the way around the bouquet (B). The length of a cascading bouquet is (D) and is measured down the curvature of flowers over the length of the bouquet. The vertical drop is a straight tape measurement underneath the back of the bouquet (E).

    PETITE: A-7” B-36” C-10” D-19” E-15”
    STANDARD: A-9” B-40” C-14” D-21” E-17”
    OVERSIZED: A-11” B-44” C-18” D-23” E-19”

    You can also go larger or smaller on teardrop bouquets. Some may prefer a really long cascade and others may prefer the standard, proportional sizes which are listed on our site.

    If you have a particular length in mind for your cascading bouquet then just let us know what you need as we custom make all of our designs to suit your requirements. The sizes in the table, above, are based on the common cascading bouquet proportions.

  • Do you sell loose flower stems, or only the finished bouquets?

    If you've seen a particular flower that you like in one of our bouquets then we can sell them to you as loose stems of artificial flowers. We import and manufacture a range of flowers which you won't find anywhere else so you can usually always get any of the flowers in our bouquets in absolutely any shade of any colour.

    We have created a category on our website where you can purchase some of the more popular flowers by just adding them to your cart and checking out. You can see out loose flowers section, here. Just use the filters on the left to narrow your search.

    If you're looking for a particular flower that's not on our site and you're having trouble finding it then please ask our customer services about this. If we can't source it for you then we will be able to manufacture it.

  • Can we get a sample so we can see the flowers in real life?

    If you’re looking for a sample then might we suggest you purchase a buttonhole or corsage from our website? That way, you get to see not only the colour and quality of the artificial flowers we use, but also the quality of our finishing and workmanship. Usually it’s the workmanship and finishing details that really makes your wedding flowers and not so much the losse flowers by themselves. It’s good to get an overall picture of a finished product.

    Remember, most of the products on our site can be changed or adapted to suit your needs, so the colours aren’t set in stone. If you see something you like in a different colour then just ask as we can change colours for you. So, if you do buy a sample and the colour isn't exactly right then remember, we can colour match our flowers to absolutely any shade of any colour.

  • What are the numbers in brackets on some items?

    The number in the brackets is just a product code like the second style in that range (2) as opposed to the third style (3) or the fourth style (4). It doesn’t mean you'd get more than one item. It's just a way for us to identify which product has sold.

  • I'm not Getting Married for a While so When Should I Place my Order?

    What we normally do with regards to timing, is to programme all of our orders into a calendar system that's based on the wedding date. Ideally, we like to send our UK orders out around a two weeks before the wedding date, with our international orders being delivered about four weeks before the big day.

    If you’d prefer your wedding flowers earlier than that then we would work to your preferred schedule. We are always really heavily booked though, so ideally we'd like to get you programmed in as quickly as possible with a view to shipping your flowers for a date that suits you.

    If it's still more than six months to your wedding then you don’t need to order your flowers straight away but don’t leave it too long as it’s best to get yourself booked in to secure a slot in our calendar.

  • How long does it take to make my flowers?

    We catered for over 7,500 weddings last year alone and we will be working on anywhere from a ten to twenty orders at any one time. Different parts of an each order are allocated to different florists, depending on their skill set and workload. It takes a professional florist anywhere from twenty minutes to three hours to create a bouquet, depending on the level of detailing and complexity.

    However, we do work to a pre-programmed schedule with all of our orders worked into a tight calendar system. When you place an order with us then we will be in touch to agree a schedule that suits your wedding and travel plans.

    We don't like to send our flowers last minute. We want to make sure you have your flowers nice and early so we like to send them well in advance. This is one of the main advantages when having artificial flowers after all.

    If you need your flowers really quickly then please get in touch. We have plenty of staff and we can usually always cater for last minute orders. We can usually even get them to you next day if required!

  • I'm getting married abroad, will I be able to take my flowers in my suitcase? How well do they travel?

    If you’re taking the flowers abroad then they do travel really well. We always recommend using one of those hard plastic suitcases instead of the canvas ones, just to give an added level of protection.

    Loads of our ers travel abroad with their flowers and they always tell us how well they travelled. Hand luggage is usually fine, but again we do recommend a hard plastic case.

    Our flowers are really durable and they will survive the journey both ways so you can use them again for your ceremony back home. If you're packing the flowers in your case then just prop them up well with socks, underwear and clothing. They do travel well though, take a look through our customer galleries and you'll see a lot of our customers have taken their flowers abroad with them and they always say how well they travelled.

    If you prefer not to take them in your case then we are able to ship them direct to your venue on a timed, guaranteed courier service. Just get in touch with us about that and we'll be happy to provide you with a timed shipping quote to any country or location.


    We can use it if you really want but it will cost extra and we really don't recommend it. Usually when you see still water (epoxy resin) being used in a vase arrangement it is becasue the arrangement is ready made by Chinese suppliers who use it to adhere the arrangement to the vase to hold the flowers in place during shipping. We don't use it because we don't need it as we use good floristry to hold our flowers in postion.

    If you want the water effect then you can use real water in the bottom of the vase. It won't damage the flowers.

    Keeping the flowers loose (separate from the vase) as a hand-tied arrangement means you can change the flowers from vase to vase.

    Still water has so many other disadvantages too. For example, if you use still water and accidentally break one of the vases then you’ll need to replace the whole arrangement. This is a similar situation if even just one flower is damaged then you can’t just replace the flower easily.

    Another disadvantage is that it discolours over time and it also accumulates a lot of dust with no real way to clean it.

    We don't recommend using still water when all you need is hand-tied, properly arranged flowers made by professional florists.

  • How do I set up an interest free payment plan for my wedding flowers?

    If you know what flowers you're buying, or if we've already set up a custom order page for you then just go ahead and add it to your shopping cart. You’ll be able to choose your shipping and payment methods at the checkout confirmation page. If you wish to place a deposit on your order and pay the rest in instalments, just add your product to your cart as normal. When you log in and get to the checkout confirmation page, you’ll be presented with payment options. Just select this one as your choice:

    pay by instalments button

    After you’ve checked out you’ll be able to pay a 20% deposit/first payment by going to our pay an instalment page. Just enter the amount you’d like to pay as a deposit and checkout again as normal. You can pay the balance as and when you like.

    After the deposit comes through, we’ll get you booked into our shipping schedule for a week that suits your wedding date. If you let us know your ideal delivery date then we’ll be able to schedule you in as close to that date as possible. Ideally, we like to programme our wedding flowers into a calendar that's two to four weeks before the big day. However, we can do your flowers much earlier if you prefer. Just let us know your ideal delivery schedule.

    You can read more about our flexible, interest payment plans here.

  • I Can't Place my Order

     We're really sorry you're having trouble checking out and paying through our website. Please ensure that:

    - The billing address matches the registered card address (the address on your bank statements).

    - Card number is entered without any spaces or punctuation marks.

    - If purchasing via a Silk Blooms gift card and the website isn't accepting the code then please get in touch about that.

    If you continue to experience issues placing an order, please contact our Customer Services team.

    To enable us to investigate your enquiry as fast and efficiently as possible, please state the country you are ordering from, the web browser you are using and the area of the website you are experiencing the issue.

  • Store Locations

    We are an online company so we only have one store and it's based in Glasgow at:

    Quadrant Shopping Centre
    ML5 3EG

    We have a showroom here with lots on display and we're happy to book an appointment for you to come in and see our work and meet with one of our team for a free floral consultation.

    For those who aren't local then don’t worry, we have ways and means of working remotely as 99% of our customers are too far to visit. That's ok, we are used to working via emails and phone calls so please get in touch as we would love to help.

  • Opening Hours







    09:30 – 17:30 09:30 – 17:30 09:30 – 17:30 09:30 – 17:30 09:30 – 17:30 11:00 – 15:00 Closed

  • How do I search for a product?

    To search for a product you can browse our website by clicking on the tabs at the top of each webpage and using the filters on the left column to narrow your results.

    All of the products on our website are named after girls so if you find a product that you like, you can then search for matching items by typing the girls name into the search box at the top right of the webpage. This will show you everything on the website in the same range. You can also see mating items in each product page by scrolling down to the 'Other item in this Collection' section.

    When you have found what you want, simply click 'add to bag', carry on shopping or go to the checkout to organise your payment and delivery.

  • I received an email saying an item is out of stock but its still available to purchase online?

    This very rarely happens with floral products as we have stock of everything on our site. This usually only happens with our ribbons, favours and accessories as these come from an outside supplier.

    With our ribbons and accessories, it's impossible to stock every style item in every colour and every width combination. The permutations are mind blowing so we place an order with our suppliers every Monday and we take delivery here every Thursday. We try to stock all of the more popular sizes and colours but we sometimes have to order them in for you. We will post them straight out when they arrive.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    • Debit or credit cards online or by telephone at 0845 519 0476

    • Cheques and Postal Orders (made out to Silk Blooms Ltd. and posted to address on our Contact Us Page)

    • Bank transfers and standing orders (contact us for details)

    • Interest free payment plans


    card payment types

    At Silk Blooms we take security very seriously. Our platform uses the most powerful security tools that exist in the marketplace today. All sensitive information, including bank account and credit card details, is processed using 1024bit encryption.

    Credit card payments are processed through SSL (Secured Socket Layer) and compliant with PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

  • Do you accept Paypal as a payment method?

    PayPal have somewhat inflated merchant fees of up to 3% so we prefer not to accept PayPal. However, if this is your only way of paying then we can activate PayPal on your account. If you create an account then send us an email with your customer ID we'll be able to activate PayPal as a payment method for you only.

  • My promotion code hasn't worked, how do I apply this?

    We're so sorry that your discount didn't apply to your order. The reason your code isn't working could be one of the following.


    - One promotion can only be used per order.

    - Promotion may only be valid for one transaction per customer.

    - Promotion may exclude certain products.

    - Promotion has expired.

    - Promotion may have terms and conditions e.g. minimum order value.


    We would suggest checking the terms of the promotion for any exclusions. If after this you're still finding the promotion isn't applying, please contact customer service here, letting us know the discount code you're entering and we'll be happy to help.

    Our team will look in to this without delay and advise of the next steps within 12 hours of receiving your contact.

  • I haven't received a confirmation email but the funds are missing from my account.

    This can happen if the billing address selected isn't where your card is registered to, or the thee digit security number from the reverse of the card is entered incorrectly. The funds could be currently being held in reserve at your bank/card company and should the transaction not be processed within the next three working days, then the funds will automatically revert to your account with no loss of interest.

    It is also possible that you've entered the wrong email address when you registered for a Silk Blooms account and so your order confirmation would have gone to the wrong place. Please log into your account and check that you've used the correct email address.

  • Gift Cards

    We offer gift cards to any value to our customers. Just to to our gift cards page and you'll be able to purchase one in any value. Silk Blooms gift cards are a fantastic wedding present for any bride to be. They also make excellent Christmas presents for anyone that's house proud and likely to enjoy some of our vase displays, custom made for their home.

    Gift cards are valid forever, so they do not expire.

    Should your gift card become lost, stolen or damaged we are able to re-issue it to you. Just get in touch.


    To use your gift card online, add items to your basket as normal & once at the checkout page you will be able to enter the gift card redemption code into the box and apply. the value of the gift card will automatically be deducted from the total in your cart.

  • Secure shopping and online shopping safety

    We do our utmost to ensure that your details are kept secure when using our website. Any details that you disclose to us will be kept entirely safe using the highest quality security system. We use a state of the art, 1024-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted secure internet connection to protect your payment details. Your computer will automatically allow the opening of the secure connection when you place your order.

    This means that all the details you supply and any messages sent to our website are encrypted before they are sent over the internet. You can tell whether a page is secure as 'https' will replace the 'http' at the front of the www.silkblooms.co.uk in your browser address bar. A small locked padlock will also appear in the bottom bar of your browser window.

    Please note We will never ask for a customer to confirm any account or credit card details via email and if you receive an email claiming to be from silkblooms.co.uk asking you to do so then please ignore it and do not respond.

  • What shipping options do you provide?

    All of our items are hand made to order. Small orders are usually sent within a few days of payment but it all depends on the size and complexity of your order. With larger orders, please get in touch to make sure we have available space in our calendar to fit you in. We book all of our orders into a calendar system that's based on your wedding date and we aim to ship all UK orders between two to four weeks before your wedding date. If you want your flowers sooner than this then get in touch and we'll look at moving you to a week that suits your schedule.  We have several full time florists so we can always cater for last minute orders too.

    If you can let us know your wedding date then we will plan your order into our schedule for a nice, early arrival.

    When your order is ready, we will prepare it for shipping.

    UK Shipping Costs

    We work on a table rate shipping that's based on both the size of the package and the monetary value of your total order. If you live in the United Kingdom then we charge the following rates:

    Smaller items like corsages, buttonholes, ribbons and accessories which fit in a 165mm x 165mm x 165mm cube will go out on 1st Class Recorded through Royal Mail's 'Small Packet' rate. These will be fully insured to the value of the goods and a signature will be required for delivery. If no one is in then they'll be taken to your local sorting office. The shopping cart automatically determines if your cart contains small or large items. For small packages you will be charged at the following shipping rates:

    Order Value:
    £0.00 - £50.00
    £50.01 - £100.00
    £100.01 +
    Shipping Rate:

    Larger items like bridal bouquets, table arrangements and anything that's long or bulky in size will not fit in 165mm cube so we'll post these by courier.  These will be fully insured to the value of the goods and a signature will be required for delivery via DPD.  If no one is in then they'll be taken to your local depot and a card will be left so you can rearrange delivery.  The shopping cart automatically determines if your cart contains small or large items.  For heavier, bulkier packages you will be charged at the following shipping rates:

    Order Value:
    £0.00 - £10.00
    £10.01 - £25.00
    £25.01 - £50.00
    £50.01 - £100.00
    £100.01 +
    Shipping Rate:

    All of our DPD shipments are sent with online tracking where you can watch the delivery van on Google Maps. This is the best courier in the UK as they will email and/or text you with a 1hr delivery window so you don’t need to wait in all day.
    If you need a faster, priority shipping service or a morning delivery then it's a little more expensive. Priority shipping and morning deliveries are available at the checkout page but please check with us if you need your flowers in a hurry to ensure we have everything in stock and we're able to fit you in.

    All our items are sent with insurance included in the shipping costs. Everything we send is fully insured, to the full value of the goods.

    International Shipping Costs

    We realise that shipping to other countries can be expensive but we're using a fair, table rate shipping that's based on the monetary value of your total order. If you live outside of the United Kingdom then we charge the following rates:

    Order Value:
    £0.00 - £10.00
    £10.01 - £25.00
    £25.01 - £50.00
    £50.01 - £75.00
    £75.01 - £100.00
    £100.01 - £150.00
    Every £50.00 increment:
    Shipping Rate:
    Adds £5.00 to shipping

    All our items are sent with insurance included in the shipping costs. Everything we send is fully insured, to the full value of the goods.

    If you need priority shipping then please get in touch to discuss. We will obtain several quotes on your behalf to find the fastest shipping to your area in the timescale that meets your needs. There are several couriers that we use and we have a courier broker who always finds us the most competitive price.

  • I've been let down by another florist and I need my flowers fast, can you help?

    If you need a next day delivery to your home or your venue then we can help. If you've been let down by another florist and you need to organise your wedding flowers in a hurry then you have come to the right place.

    We have a fast, efficient team of professional florists and we can always help a bride in distress. We operate a very tight schedule and can always work on rush orders when required. We can definitely help you here, so please getin touch as soon as you can. Just contact our Customer Services, or telephone us direct on 0845 519 0476. Just explain what you need, let us know that it's urgent and we'll move you to our priority list.

    We can deliver to you on the next day and we can even organise a pre 9am service. We can deliver direct to your venue, or straight to your door. Just get in touch and let us know your requirements, we will do everything that we can to help you out and ensure that you have your flowers on time!

  • Can you deliver to a different address than my billing address?

    Yes, please enter your billing address in payment section when you're checking out (the address the card is registered to), but just enter a different address for delivery. We can deliver your flowers to any address including your work address, a friend or family member, or even direct to your wedding venue in the UK or abroad.

  • Problems entering post code or choosing country of delivery

    We're so sorry you're experiencing problems when trying to organise your delivery. If you just enter your UK post code then click on the 'Find Address' button it should open a drop down menu with your address included there.

    Before you order, please select the country for delivery from the dropdown menu, otherwise the country of delivery will be set to the UK and will not accept any post codes outside of the UK.

  • Customs and import charges

    VAT is included in the price for all EU customers so you won't be liable for customs or import charges on your delivery.

  • My parcel is missing

    We're really sorry you haven't received your parcel yet. Most of our UK orders are sent with Parcelforce or Royal Mail. If the driver wasn't able to obtain a signature from your delivery address then they may have left the parcel with a neighbour or taken it back to the sorting office or local post office (whichever is closer). If this is the case then a 'while you were out' card should have been put through your door to advise of the exact location. Please refer to this card for the whereabouts of your package.

    If your online tracking states that the parcel was delivered but you haven't been able to locate it, then please contact customer services and we will speak to the delivery driver and find out exactly where it's been left.

    If you're outside of the UK then our standard airmail service takes up to ten days to arrive. If you're in a remote location then sometimes it's a bit longer. In the USA we USPS for deliveries. In Canada we use Canada Post and in Australia it's Australia Post.

  • Can I change my delivery options after placing my order?

    Absolutely. Just placing your order is enough to get you booked into our calendar for a date that suits your wedding. It doesn't set anything in stone as we understand things may change. If you need to change your delivery address, your shipping method, or even your flowers then just get in touch and we'll be able to assist. You'll be able to make changes to any part of your order right up until the last minute.

  • How do I track my order / My delivery is late?

    On dispatch of your items we will send you an order dispatch confirmation email, updating your order status to shipped. This will let you know that your order is on its way to you.

    Most of our UK flower orders are sent by Parcelforce on a 24hr overnight service. If it's not with you the day after your shipping confirmation email then please get in touch and we'll track your order for you.

    Our international flower orders are usually always sent via your local postal service, so USPS if you're in the United States, Canada Post if you're in Canada and Australia Post if you're in Australia. You will be able to track your parcel on these websites once it enters your country but this service usually takes about ten days.

    If the tracking link states delivery has been attempted and you haven't received a 'while you were out' card, please contact Customer Services and we will find out where your parcel is and when we can get it to you.

  • What if I’m not in when you deliver?

    Your order will be delivered anytime between 8am and 6pm, just depending on the delivery schedule that day. A signature will be required so if you are not around to take delivery then the driver will try to leave it with a neighbour and they'll leave you a card to tell you where it's been delivered. Sometimes they'll take it to your local sorting office or your post office if that's closer.

  • Do you deliver outside of the UK

    We ship worldwide and we have loads of international customers, especially in the USA, Canada and Australia. So yes, we can certainly ship to other countries and we're more than happy to send your flowers to any part of the world.

  • I've received my order but there's a missing item

    The order confirmation email you received when you placed your order, or the custom order page we set up for you will detail all the items that should be included in your parcel. If something is missing then please get in touch so we can look into it for you immediately.

    Items in you order may sometimes be sent in more than one consignment as we sometimes split them in different packages, especially international orders. Regardless of the number of deliveries you receive, you'll only be charged the amount that was originally quoted at the time you placed the order.

  • do you exchange returns?

    Yes, absolutely. If you receive your order and decide that you'd have preferred something else then get in touch to discuss it with customer services. We're happy to exchange goods within fourteen days of receipt.

  • Can I return a Gift Voucher or Gift card?

    We're really sorry to say that a gift voucher or gift card cannot be returned for a cash refund. If you return an item that you have bought with a gift voucher or gift card then you will receive gift vouchers or a gift card in return.

  • The Item I've received is wrong or faulty

    We're very sorry you have received a wrong or faulty item in your order.

    Please return this to us for a full refund. We will refund your payment card with the price that you paid for this item. If this is the only item on your order, we will also refund the delivery fees.

  • When will I receive my refund?

    We very rarely get flowers returned but occasionally ribbons and accessories are sent back. We will process all of our refunds on the Saturday after they arrive. Once your return has been processed we will send you a confirmation e-mail when your card will then be credited.

  • What if I want to return my order?


    If you buy something direct from the website, just exactly as pictured then you are entitled to a full refund if you receive them and decide you don’t like them. You can return this type of purchase if you're not completely happy with within fourteen days of receipt, for a full and unequivocal refund.

    Please note that returns will only be accepted if the goods are in the original condition. In accordance with our refund policy, we will refund the payment card with the price paid for the item. You will receive an email confirming when the refund has been processed and your card has credited.


    If you buy flowers which are dyed, or if your flowers are personalised and custom made to suit your theme colours or your own style of bouquet then please be aware that we cannot offer refunds on this type of sale. Anything that's dyed or anything that's designed to suit you with custom colours and styles are non-refundable.

    Bespoke Supporting Information

  • What if I want to cancel a booking?

    If you've not yet received your flowers and you decide you're not needing them any longer, simply contact customer services to inform us of your order cancellation. Please note that all orders are booked into a tight calendar schedule and goods are ordered well in advance to coincide with this schedule. Accordingly, there will be a 20% cancellation fee on flower orders if you're cancelling after we have programmed you into our schedule.

    If you've purchased your flowers directly from the website with no customisations and you're cancelling your order after the florists have started to work on the flowers then the retention will be 50% of the total order value.

    If your flowers are custom made with specific design changes and specific colour matching then they are non-refundable and we won't be able to refund if they have been started already.

    We aren't able to re-use flowers after they have been colour matched or after they have been cut and we aren't able to un-pay our florists so these policies and retention fees are purely to cover our admin costs, staffing and procurement expenses.

  • What are your returns policies?

    • We take great pride in our customer satisfaction and we aren't happy unless you are happy. Read the reviews about Silk Blooms all over the internet and you'll see how much our customers love our products and services. We absolutely guarantee customer satisfaction with all of our products and if you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, for whatever reason, then just let us know. We will do everything that's necessary to make it right for you.

    • We always deliver superior quality flowers and superior workmanship. Our ultimate goal is to make you happy, so that hopefully you'll recommend us to friends and family. We are so confident that you'll be pleased with your purchase that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're unhappy with your purchase, for whatever reason and if we can't put it right for you then we'll give you a no quibble refund.

    • Shipping and insurance costs are non-refundable.

    • Claims must be received within 14 days of you receiving the goods.

    • Returns must be received within 14 days of your claim.

    • Replacement items will be sent out within 14 days from the day we receive your return.

    • Refunds will be processed on the Saturday following receipt of your return. If that falls on a bank holiday weekend then it would be the following Saturday after that.

    • Goods must not be returned without the prior consent of Silk Blooms. Unauthorised returns will not be accepted and you would be liable for any costs, damage or loss that may arise. Goods may only be returned with prior arrangement. If goods need to be returned then you must contact customer services and await instructions.

    • If you return something you will be responsible for the return shipping shipping costs and you are returning them at your own risk.

    • Goods must be returned in the condition they were in when they were delivered to you. If you fail to take reasonable care of the goods, then we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage in transit. The goods are your responsibility until they reach us, so please take care and package them securely. Where goods are returned in non-saleable condition, you remain liable for payment of the goods.

    • We recommend that the goods are packed carefully, and that you arrange appropriate insurance and obtain proof of dispatch.

  • collection service?

    We're very sorry to say that we don't offer a collection service. If you're returning your goods then please send to:

    Quadrant Shopping Centre
    ML5 3EG

    Please use a signed for shipping service when returning your goods as we can't be held responsible for returns that go missing in the post. Goods must not be returned without the prior consent of Silk Blooms Ltd. If you need to return your goods then please contact customer services for authorisation.

  • How do I change my Order?

    You'll be able to make changes to your order right up 'til the last minute. Simply get in touch with customer services and they'll be able to help you.

    Whether you wish to add some extra buttonholes or table flowers or whether you want to completely change your order, it will not be a problem at all. We're extremely accommodating and changes are easy, just so long as it's not past your schedule date and we've not started to make your flowers.

    For changes to be made, please check the status of your order and if it hasn’t been started then changes are no problem at all. If you want to make changes after the florists have started to work on the flowers then there may be a charge (depending on the changes).

  • How do I care for my flowers?

    If you're taking delivery of your wedding flowers well in advance of your wedding date then don’t worry too much about storing them. So long as you store them correctly then they'll pretty much last forever. We always recommend to store them in one of those plastic boxes from ASDA with the plastic lids, just to keep them totally spotless and dust free. As with any fabric based product, if you keep them out of the direct sunlight then they won’t fade or bleach. It’s best to store them in some sort of vase, inside the box, just so the petals aren’t crushing under the weight of the bouquet, so the petals aren’t being pushed against the bottom or the sides of the box.

    If your bouquet is made from silk or foam flowers then and you are keen to keep your bouquet as a memento of your day then just keep them out of the sunlight to avoid bleaching.  If they start to get dusty then we always recommend a simple, feather duster to dislodge any particles. You can also use a very mild detergent to just dip the flowers into.  Just let them dry upside down so that the water runs off the flowers and doesn't run down the handle of the bouquet.

    If your bouquet is made from our fresh touch flowers and you have ivory or white in your bouquet then please keep out of sunlight completely as they will discolour quickly in the direct sun.  Through time they will discolour in artificial lighting too.  If you don’t want that happening then we recommended that you store them in an airtight box in a dark cupboard with no light.  If your flowers are coloured i.e. no ivory,  then discolouration will be only very slight and only through time.  If you are choosing your bridal bouquet to be displayed for a long time and you don’t want them discolouring then we would recommend not to use fresh touch flowers as they do discolour more quicker than silk, foam or flowers.

    If you've bought a brooch bouquet and you're keeping it as a keepsake then eventaully the alloy may start to discolour. All jewellery made from metals (even gold, silver and copper) are known to have the propensity to tarnish over time. Most jewellery will eventually tarnish even if low amounts of metals are used. Cleaning can be done with relatively simple household items and tools and it does not take much time. If you find that the brooches are starting to tarnish then all you need is vinegar, salt, a pot, some water and some clean cloths. You can really help the jewellery look shiny and new again.

    If you combine one cup of vinegar with eight teaspoons of baking soda in a pot and mix well to dissolve in some salt then you’ll be able to place a brooch bouquet upside down into the cleaning mixture and allow it to sit for three to four hours. Lift the bouquet out of the cleaning mixture when the tarnish is removed. Rinse the brooches carefully with cool water and wipe thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth. Dry the bouquet with a towel and then set it upside down on the towel to finish air drying.

  • VAT

    All of the prices shown online are inclusive of VAT. Our UK VAT Number is GB129413716

  • Careers

    We are a small company but we're always on the lookout for professional wedding florists with lots of experience in hand-tied bouquets and wedding table arrangements. If you have a lot of experience in wedding floristry then please send your CV to recruitment@silkblooms.co.uk and we will be in touch.

  • Change of address and personal details

    If you have already placed an order but your shipping address has changed then you will need to contact us about that. It's not enough to just amend your account details online as your shipping invoice will have already been printed when the order first came through.

    If you've not yet placed an order but you want to change your address and personal information then just click 'My Account' and amend your details.

  • contact us

    Our aim is to ensure shopping with Silk Blooms is fun, easy and simple, so we hope that our frequently asked questions section has been of some help. However, we know that you may still have some questions so please contact customer services with any question you may still have.

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