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Restaurant Table Flowers
Fresh -v- Artificial


A Restaurant Flowers Case Study Comparing Fresh Flower Vase Arrangements to Premium Artificial Flower Arrangements

In a bar or restaurant environment, using fresh flowers can be problematic, high-maintenance and expensive. There are so many factors to consider so we've taken an example case study to illustrate the problems and solutions which one of our national clients experienced. Our client was frustrated that they'd contracted a commercial florist to supply fresh flowers and plants for their dining tables and the plants were only lasting a couple of weeks. They were replacing the table flowers every six weeks, contractually, so they were paying for flowers on their tables but for two thirds of the year they had empty pots, dead plants or no flowers at all. Not an ideal situation at all.

They contacted Silk Blooms and asked us to visit one of their restarurants to make a report and recommendations. We've outlined our findings below, with solutions that helped to revamp all of their bars and restaurants across the UK.

1.0: Dead Flowers

Fresh flowers and plants don’t last in a bar environment. They need lots of care with a lot of natural light and just the right amount of watering.
  • Staff members at various sites had expressed frustration with the table plants. They were wilted and dead within 2wks and they were only being replaced at 6wk intervals.

  • Some of the sites we visited had the dead flowers on the tables which was not a good look at all. They gave off a stagnant aroma as well.

  • The oriental lilies in the bar vase arrangements had a similar problem. Some sites reported a 1wk lifespan and other sites reported a 2wk lifespan.

  • Whilst the client was paying a substantial amount of money to have flowers on the tables, they were just empty vases for most of the year.

Restaurants and bars are not the best places for fresh cut flowers to survive. This type of environment is dark and hot so nothing like the ideal climate for flowers. Not only that but staff don't have time to water and prune the flowers so they simply don't last as long as they could. Couple this with curious diners who pick and pull at the petals and stuff paper and food into the soil and you can see why this client was frustrated with their current offering.

The advantage of changing to artificial flowers completely removes the maintenance issues and frees up staff time to get on with the day-to-day running of their business. Our artificial flowers are premium quality and they look and feel as real as fresh flowers. No watering, no pruning, no dead flowers and it opens up a much wider variety in choice that just isn't an option with fresh flowers.

2.0: Aesthetics

Interior lighting and décor 
are modern but these flowers were low-budget, poor quality and old-fashioned. They just didn’t suit.
  • The plants and the pots were on the lowest end of the scale in terms of budget and you could tell. Flowers are meant to lift the ambience, these were doing the opposite.

  • The flower colours did nothing to complement the décor in the restaurant, they needed something rustic and natural to tie in with the rest of the colours and tones.

  • Anyone who knows plants would recognise these as ‘kalanchoe’ plants as they are readily available in any garden centre. Even Lidl have them. They are possibly the cheapest potted plant on the market and it‘s not smart branding to use them in your establishments. It definitely cheapens the brand and does not leave the right impression.

Choosing the right flowers and plants for a restaurant or bar needs a lot of thought. It's not as straightforward as chooing other fixtures, fittings and accessories as you need to consider more than just the size, colour and style. Flower arrangements really are make-or-break items and if you choose poorly then it can cheapen and spoil the look that could be achieved with proper consideration to the type and colour of flowers and vases. With the right amount of regard to the décor and the other fixtures and fittings then your flower choices can really lift the ambience of a space and make it look engaging and inviting.

At Silk Blooms we have some of the best floral designers. This isn't something that can be taught as having the eye for choice is an art form like any other. Just knowing which vases and flowers to choose for a space is a skill we've developed over the years and it's a service we offer for free to all of our clients. If you're considering the advantages of changing from fresh flowers and plants to artificial alternatives then please get in touch with us for a free consultaion.

3.0: Empty Vases & Tables

Fresh flowers and plants don’t last in a bar environment. They need lots of care with a lot of natural light and just the right amount of watering.
  • We visited numerous sites for this client in Glasgow, Birmingham and London. Many of them had no flowers on the tables at all. Other sites had flowers on only some of the tables. There was no real consistency and it was clear to see why they were frustrated. They just wanted flowers on their tables.

  • Empty vases and bare looking tables made the place look dark and dingey. It’s a completely different atmosphere when the flowers look nice and inviting. They were simply making the wrong choice in flowers for the environment and the wrong choice in florists.

  • There should be flowers on the tables all year round and the flowers should always look at their best. Flowers have the power to really make the place inviting but they can also have the aopposite effect if the wrong choices are made.

There's no denying that flowers on a dining table make a big difference from empty tables, especially in a bar restaurant. Flowers have the power to transform a dingy looking pub table into an welcome looking dining table. So, if your restaurant has empty tables wtih no flowers then consider Silk Blooms as we can help you make the right choices. Read through this case stidy to see how we helped this client.

4.0: Size & Style

The plants were too small for the larger tables. The style and colour were both wrong and they did not complement the interior design.
  • The client was using the same small pots on every table and they did not work well with the longer benches. They looked dwarfed and out of place.

  • There wes no style to the plants that they were using yet the lighting and interior design are exemplary. The right flower choices could totally transform the whole look of thier bars and restaurants. It was such a shame that the plants were having the opposite effect.

  • The pots and the flower colours were not right at all. The restaurants had lovely, warm tones with lots of wood and really well thought out lighting. The plants needed to be changed to something bespoke, something designed to fit in with the rest of the interior design.

The size and proportion of a flower arrangement should be just right as it can look dwarfed if it's too small for the table. If you choose somethign that's too wide or too tall then it can have the opposite effect and make the table awkward and small or block the view between diners. Proportion is a key concern as it has to be perfect. This is something we help our clients to determine and it's discussed more with images in the solutions section, below.

5.0: Maintenance

These plants needed regular watering but too much water and they died. Not enough water and they died. Staff were not trained to care for them properly and it was causing table debris and extra cleaning on a daily basis. Customers were using them as a bin and pulling bits off them.
  • Looking after fresh cut flowers and plants is not easy, especially when they’re displayed in low daylight areas with hot artificial lights. Fresh flowers just do not last as long as they would in a day lit area with proper pruning and care.

  • Fresh flowers need just the right amount of watering. Give them too much or too little and they simply die. Not only that but they need to have the stems trimmed daily to maintain capillarity.

  • The glassware for the vase arrangements at the bar was filled with stagnant water and the vasees were not being cleaned properly in between water changes. The result was algae on the vases, with green mouldy water.

  • Sometimes we found greenfly around the dining tables as pesticide sprays were not used. Not the most pleasant to work with and not very diner friendly.

Watering, pruning, cutting stems, not what you'd normally consider the duty of bar staff and waiters but it's something this client had tasked to them. It was not being done properly and the results were clear to see with wilting flowers and dead plants in every restaurant. When you take away maintenance by using high quality artificial flowers then you take away all the tedious tasks associated with fresh flowers. This is one of the biggest advantages, second probably to longevity and long-term budget savings.

6.0: Luxury Artificial Flowers by Silk Blooms

Our flowers don’t wilt or die. They are extremely durable and ultra-realistic (even to the touch). The long term budget savings are substantial and they open up a whole new range of fun and creative designs that simply aren’t an option with fresh flowers
  • Ultra-realistic flowers that don’t wilt and die. They remain aesthetically pleasing, all year round.

  • No watering or natural light required. Our flowers are practically maintenance and mess free.

  • On trend, modern designs and completely bespoke arrangements.

  • Out of season flowers with a much more extensive choice in designs.

  • One, single supplier with quality assured, continuity of supply.

  • Colour matched flowers to match any room, Pantone matched to any shade.

Our client was starting to realise that we were providing a fully comprehensive service. The flowers from their incumbent was very product focused and they did not really provide the expertise required for them to manage them holistically. At Silk Blooms it is a service we provide, definitely not ‘just’ a product. Other florists tend to just do a ‘quote’, so they give you a price and that’s all. Initial costs are not the only thing worth considering when it comes to flowers for your business as they play a huge part in presentation and ergo, branding. We completely understand this and we like to think we offer an extremely good service and we will always do whatever needs done to help or advise our clients. We literally go the extra mile and if we get an opportunity to show you too, then you’ll understand why we've developed such a prestigious client portfolio.

Client Recommendatons for Restaurant Flowers

Some general comments and suggestions to transform their restaurants into much more modern and inviting places to eat by simply changing to more interesting and intriguing flowers. Replacing the current offerings with something that matches the décor with plants that will last much longer than a few weeks. We wanted to ensure this whent he client purchases our flowers they'll be on their tables for a much longer time scale ensuring continued beauty with high quality flowers on the tables at all times. With a new approach for the longer tables we're able to create an interesting variety in sizes, shapes and styles to product interesting layouts and alluring table displays.

Our flowers are maintenance free so there's no watering, no pruning and no natural light is required. Our clients just take them out the box, sit them on the tables and get on with their daily business.


Replace your current offering with flowers that matches the rest of the décor with nice vases and plants that will last


When you purchase flowers for your tables then you should expect to see flowers on the tables at all times. The longevity of our flowers assure beautiful, high quality flowers on all tables at all times


Consider a new approach to longer tables and introduce variety in sizes, shapes and styles to create interesting layouts and alluring floral arrangements for restaurant tables


Our flowers are maintenance free. No watering, no pruning and no natural light required. Just sit them in place and get on with running your business

Some Sample Restaurant Table Flower Ideas

The following slides were just some ideas. There are many ways to fix the issues with fresh flowers and the following arrangements will illustrate a few of the designs we recommended to this client. We photographed these in-situ at one of their local branches in Glasgow to show the client what can be achieved with premium silk flowers. These are all completely customisable in terms of size, shape, colour and style. We can can change the colour of our flowers on request, to any hue desirable.


Modern, white fresh touch orchids with leaves and roots in a premium quality, heavy based, hand-blown glass vase


Modern, white fresh touch orchid bubble vase for restaurant table flowers premium quality


Ultra-realistic aubergine and green agave plant. Potted in a rustic grey concrete style pot. Extremely high quality plant and impossible to tell it’s fake


Beautiful green agave plant in a grey concrete pot. Lovely quality and extremely realistic


Large white cymbidium orchids in a really heavy, very high quality glass marbled vase. Designed to last and transforming the tables to a rich looking style


Large white cymbidium orchids in a beautiful marbled vase


Fresh touch, vibrant orange tulips in a heavy based, hand-blown, dark brown glass vase that really complements the décor


Fresh touch orange tulips in a high quality glass blown vase


A realstic aubergine succulent on a bed of real preserved moss in a ceramic vase. A perfect match to the surrondings


Aubergine succulent in a ceramic vase for restaurant and bar table flowers


Realsitic cactus grass with beige coloured stones in a frosted multi-toned heavy glass vase.


Cactus grass and stones with a high quality frosted glass vase


Real touch oriental lily (same as the bar vase) with natural dried branch in a gold pearl glass vase


Single white oriental lily in a pearly glass vase


White fresh touch pixie orchids with leaves and roots in a standard quality black ceramic vase


Mini white cymbidium orchids in ceramic vase restaurant table flowers product


Cactus grass on a bed of green preserved moss in a white ceramic pot


Cactus grass and green moss in ceramic vase


Real touch oriental lilies with pussy willow in a high quality bubbled bud vase


Two white lilies with pussy willow in a premium quality glass bubble bud vase


Recommendations for Bar Flowers

Our client had awarded a natonal contract to a fresh flower florist, who had no option but to sub-contract the work to local florists. They couldn't deliver nationally so they handed over the work to florists who were local to each site. This meant the client had lost consistency and quality control and that was apparent from the vase arrangements we seen.

Every site that we visited had a different lily arrangement on the bar, ranging quite noticeably in size, volume and style. Right down to the size and quality of the glassware. There was no consistency and the quality varied across sites.

The bar flowers were being delivered as closed buds with no flowering heads to maximise longevity. As a result the client was displaying a vase of leaves for most of the time. When the lilies finally did open out and flower, then they only had a week or so lifespan left in them.


A varied range of different florist styles with everything from vases filled with cellophane to make it look like ice, to sparse vase arrangements with no more than three stems of lilies. Consistency and quality control was being lost to sub-contracted local florists and the flowers were hard to maintain with a short lifespan


Floral arrangement photographed in-situ for an artificial flower vase arrangement solution that will last for months with no maintenance required


Recommendations for External Trees and Plants

Potential new customers tend to stand outside a restaurant, looking at the menu when considering where to eat. At this point the exterior presentation is everyhting. The first impression must be inviting as it plays a huge part in their decision. Plants and greenery deserve very careful thought and proper architectural planning.

Cluttered planters with old looking plants, broken leaves and weeds is costing our client new custom. The extrior reflects what you can expect from the interior and the food. Our landscape designers understand this concept and we have experience with this. This is something we are pitching to the client now seperately.

The outside reflects what to expect from the inside and when we get the outside looking nice then it will draw more people in. Get the insdie just right and you will definitely convert them to returning customers who recommend the restaurant to friends


Skinny trees that aren’t in proportion to the surroundings, an odd mix of different plants, shrubs and grasses with snapped and broken leaves, weeds forming in the soil and some flattened plants


Inside out! With architectural landscaping people will want to dine outside. Passers-by should stop and say, we need to try that place.  Amazing things can be achieved with the right help.



The advantage of swapping their fresh flower offering for long lasting, premium quality artificial flowers was plain to see. After viewing our samples in person, in-situ at one of their restaurant sites they expressed interest in pursuing some modern, artificial succulent designs. They asked us to produce a range of designs to choose from and we felt that copper pots would really work well with both succulents and their interior design.


Our client was spending money on table plants which were not adequate in their current state. To have a consistency they would have had to replace them every 2wks which would increase their initial costs. Removing table plants completely would not be good, due to the premium offering of the client. Silk Blooms work closely with all of our corporate clients to help them create the optimal floral arrangements for each space. Our goal is to give you the flowers you need and a service that’s second to none


We created sixteen samples to choose from and sent images to the client in the gride, below. The sample vase arrangemetns were posted to one of their central restaurants and set out in an area of the bar on the dining tabels for inspection. Take a look at these beautiful succulent posts for their restaurants:


An array of succulent vase arrangements in small bronze post for restaurant dining tables


The client selected 12 of 16 which they really loved and we are now rolling them out nationally to 75 restaurants across the UK. This client has another 1,700 restaurants spread across 15 different brands and they've been so impressed with our work that we've been asked to pitch to the other brands next.


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